Why are the three female generals called Yizhouqing, Dazhong and Haiguan? What do they mean

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The heroes of Liangshan have their own nicknames, such as Lin Chong, who was the stick instructor of the Forbidden Army. His soldiers were as brave as tigers and leopards, so the people called him “Leopards head”.Yang Zhi is the descendants of Yang jia general, martial arts high strong, but also because of his face left upper and lower eyelid, zygomatic part has a palm-size brown pigmentation spot, so the lake called him “green beast”.Lu zhishen was a monk, but he drank wine, ate meat, fell in love with Jin Cuilian, and had flowers tattooed on his back, so he was called the Flower Monk.There are 108 heroes in Liangshan, 105 of whom are male, and only 3 female generals.How does the nickname of 3 female generals come from all corners of the country, what does it mean?Sister-in-law Gu’s nickname is “Big Bug” (tigress).Gu is a native of Dengzhou, and her husband Sun Xin opened a hotel in Dengzhou.When le He, a prison guard in Dengzhou, went to his sister-in-law’s hotel for dinner, he saw a man sitting on the counter with a thick eyebrow and big eyes, fat face and fat waist.With a strange hairpin ring, bared arms about bangles “woman.This woman is gu Sister-in-law, she looks big three thick, character is also very strong, so people all think she is “mountain tigress”.In Dengzhou, Gu has two Cousins, Xie Zhen and Xie Bao, who live by hunting.Xie Zhen, Xie Bao hit the tiger, rolled into the mountain MAO Taigong’s manor, they went to beg for the tiger, MAO Taigong did not give, but framed them for “rely on big insects, plunder property”, was arrested by the government.Gu Sister-in-law knew the situation, very angry, but also understand that the government will not appeal for her two Cousins.In order to save The Xie Zhen, Xie Bao, Gu Sister-in-law and her husband Sun Xin to discuss, the dengyunshan Zou Yuan, Zou Run, and Sun Xin’s brother Sun Li, Le He and others, robbed dengzhou prison, rescued Xie Zhen, Xie Bao.Because of the prison crime, Gu sister-in-law and her husband Sun Xin, can not continue to open a hotel in Dengzhou.In order to avoid the arrest of the government, Gu Sister-in-law, Sun Li, Sun Xin and other people together on liangshan.After gu went to Liangshan, she fought with the Song River and made many meritorious contributions.During the war against Fang La, Gu’s two Cousins, Xie Zhen and Xie Bao, were killed, but she and her husband Sun Xin survived.Gu was granted the title of Lord of Dongyuan County by the imperial court and returned to Dengzhou with her husband.Second, Sun Erniang sun Erniang’s nickname is the hag.Sun Erniang and her husband Zhang Qing operate black shops in Mengzhou Cross slope.Open a black shop, killing goods, selling human meat steamed stuffed bun, etc., are licking the blood of the business, need to be ruthless, martial arts can be made of high strength, so Sun Erniang is a water margin in the “eyebrow cross murderous, eyes show fierce light” of women.She is good at kung fu, agile and agile, but also aggressive character, the river known as her “hag”.When Wu Song passed by the cross slope, Sun Erniang also tried to turn over wu Song’s medicine and robbed wu Song’s property, but Wu Song was aware of it.Wu Song pretended to faint and took the opportunity to deal with Her.Zhang Qing, Sun Erniang’s husband, heard his wife screaming and ran in. He begged Wu Song repeatedly to let Sun Erniang go.Do not hit do not know each other, because this hand in hand, let Wu Song and Sun Erniang couple forged deep friendship.Because Wu Song killed Jiang Menshen and others, guilty in the body, all over the government wanted him.To this end, Sun Erniang couple persuaded him to go to Erlongshan Lu Zhishen and Yang Zhi.Before long, because Wu Song went to Erlongshan, Sun Erniang and her husband Zhang Qing, Shi En also went to Erlongshan.Later, Huyanzhuo led his army to attack Peach Blossom Mountain, White Tiger Mountain and Erlongshan Mountain. They got help from Liang Shan and joined together.Sun Erniang followed Lu Zhishen and Wu Song to Liangshan Mountain and became a female general there.Sun Erniang made great achievements in the northern and southern battles of Liangshan, but she and her husband Zhang Qing ended up in misfortune. They were both killed in battle when they were fighting against Fang La.Hu Sanniang hu Sanniang is a jianghu nickname is Yizhangqing.In ancient times, “one zhang” was a unit of length, and “qing” referred to color, which could be blue, green and black.There has always been a lot of controversy over why Hu Sanniang was called the “Youth of one zhang”.One is the height theory, referring to “one zhang green” is to describe Hu Sanniang’s height.In ancient times, yizhang was about 3.3 meters in modern times.Hu sanniang cannot be three meters tall, so the “height argument” cannot stand scrutiny.The second is the scarf theory.Mistress Hu wears a very long scarf on her head, but women in the Song Dynasty did not have the habit of wearing a very long scarf on their head.If Hu sanniang was a maverick and dressed in this way, it would have been described in the original novel, but it is not mentioned in the novel, so the claim is not convincing.The third is the tattoo theory, referring to the snake or dragon tattoo on Her body, which is black and blue, so she is called “yizhang Qing”.Shi Jin, for example, is known as “Nine dragons” because he has nine blue dragons tattooed on his body.There is no mention of Mr Hu’s tattoo in the original.Meanwhile, As a young lady, Ms. Hu is unlikely to have any tattoos.There are weapons say, hair say, poison tongue say, hair ornament say and so on many kinds of claims, actually all are not quite reliable, so people still argue endlessly.Hu sanniang was the lady of a large family and lived a happy life. However, when she met Liangshan, her bad luck began.Liangshan sent troops to attack Zhujiazhuang.Zhu Biao of Zhujiazhuang is Hu Sanniang’s fiance, so she took people to help Zhujiazhuang, but was defeated and captured alive by Lin Chong.After Hu sanniang was captured alive, Zhu Zhuang was destroyed by Liang Shan, and dozens of hu’s family members were also killed by Li Kui.This made her lose her home and her husband’s home at the same time, no home to return to, can only listen to Song Jiang’s arrangement, marry short and ugly, greedy and lustful under the defeated Wang Ying.Wang Ying sweet mouth will deceive people, after two people get married, there are feelings.In crusade fang La, two people both died in the hand of Zheng Biao.