On February 19th Mr Putin held nuclear exercises;DPP legislation forbids working for the mainland under penalty of imprisonment

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Russian President Vladimir Putin will personally command a large-scale nuclear triad military exercise of Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent force today, with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko as a guest, Russian media reported.In addition to the strategic missile Force, the air Force, the Navy’s Northern fleet and Black Sea Fleet, and the Army’s Southern Military region will also participate in the drill, the report said.According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the exercise aims to check the readiness of military commands, combat formations, ship crews and missile delivery devices, and to test the reliability of Russia’s strategic nuclear and non-nuclear weapons.Although Russia conducts similar drills every year, the Russian military said in a statement that the drills are routine military activity, but the team involved and the timing of the drills are clearly a warning to the West, ap said.With the crisis in Ukraine still unresolved, the situation in eastern Ukraine uncertain, and NATO tightening its grip on Russia, it is Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent that Mr Putin can trust most.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s conventional military power declined significantly, and the gap with the United States widened.Therefore, Russia can only choose asymmetric military development strategy, that is, vigorously develop nuclear force, in order to seek strategic balance between the United States and Russia.Facts have proved that this strategy is correct. NATO continues to expand eastward and compress Russia’s strategic space, but it has never dared to act rashly against Russia, one of the reasons is that it is afraid of Russia’s nuclear weapons.According to data previously released by the Stockholm Peace Research Institute, Russia now uses as many nuclear warheads and vehicles as the United States.Globally, only Russia can match America’s nuclear capabilities.Western media predicted that the core of Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent, such as yars land-based intercontinental ballistic missile, Tu-160 strategic bomber and North Wind A-class strategic nuclear submarine, will be on display in the exercise.In addition, Russia’s strategic missile Force may test-fire the Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missile.According to Russian media reports, Sarmat is a land-based INTERCONTINENTAL ballistic missile with far more lethality and deterrence than Yars, and will become the backbone of Russia’s land-based nuclear force in the future.Asked about Putin’s views on the current crisis with Ukraine, Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said putin slept well at night despite rising tensions.Perhaps it is the nuclear power that gives Mr Putin the confidence to sleep.One more story about China.The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has passed a law and an amendment to the Law on National Security and the Regulation on Cross-Straits Relations targeting the mainland, local media reported.According to the report, in the newly passed “National Security Law”, “core key technology economic espionage” and “core key technology business secrets of the extraterritorial use of crime” were added for the first time.The law states that no one on the island can harm Taiwan’s interests by providing “external forces” or even China with key technologies.According to the DPP, all sensitive technologies related to the island’s key economic industries, defense, security and science and technology can be defined as core key technologies, and specific criteria for core key technologies will be determined by the “science and Technology Committee” after verification and evaluation.Those found guilty of the two offenses face up to 12 years in prison and a fine of nt $100 million, or 22.72 million yuan.The revised “Regulations on People’s Relations between the Two Sides of the Taiwan Straits” are mainly aimed at limiting cross-strait personnel exchanges.Regulations, the people who are entrusted by Taiwan authorities, subsidies or investment reaches a certain standard, engaged in the island’s core key technology and business individuals, legal persons or groups, before the end of the authorities to entrust or funding was not, or leave less than 3 years from the key enterprises of high-tech personnel, on a trip to the mainland, must pass through the island’s review of the relevant departments, only after approval of the islands.In addition, the revised regulations also focus on mainland enterprises’ investment activities in the island.According to the regulations, if a Mainland company wants to invest in a profitable industry on the island through a third party, it must obtain approval from the Taiwan authorities.If the above rules are violated, the offender may face up to three years in prison and a fine of 120,000 to 25 million Taiwan dollars.The Taiwan authorities also held a press conference to explain the changes.Su declared that the high-tech industry is the lifeblood of Taiwan’s economy, but the law will effectively curb the serious loss of technology in recent years.But analysts say the island has few so-called “core key technologies” to speak of, apart from contract semiconductor manufacturing.The DPP’s move will only add obstacles to the normal economic and trade exchanges and technological exchanges across the Straits and hinder the island’s economic development.