On the first day after the Spring Festival, construction of major projects worth 25.82 billion yuan began in Qingpu, Shanghai

2022-05-01 0 By

On the morning of February 7, 26 major projects in Qingpu District, Shanghai, with a total investment of 35.82 billion yuan, were launched, covering infrastructure, social livelihood, high-end industries, environmental improvement, commercial housing and other fields.Xu Jian, secretary of Shanghai Qingpu District Party Committee, announced that “major projects in Qingpu District will be started in 2022”.Jinfa Technology Automotive Materials Global Innovation RESEARCH and development Center and industrialization project, Xiayang Street relocation resettlement project, Huijin Road (Yinggang East Road – Beiqing Road) reconstruction project of three sub-sessions reported the start of construction through video link.Yang Xiaojing, the head of Qingpu District, introduced that the concentrated start of the project is not only a concentrated display of strengthening investment promotion and promotion of investment in Qingpu District, but also an important measure to accelerate the development of major projects in the district, as well as a happy event and event to promote the economic and social development of Qingpu District and upgrade the city level.Yang xiaojing said that since this year, qingpu District government to “weekly talks, monthly scheduling, bi-monthly signing, quarterly opening” to promote the implementation and construction of projects.The smooth construction of the project further demonstrates the concept of “People’s city built by people, people’s city for people”. It is a strong support for the integration of industry and city, complete functions, work-housing balance, ecological livable, convenient transportation and efficient governance, and adds new vitality to the development of Qingpu.