Shao East public security: traffic regulation, service the masses they never absent

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Rednet time on January 25 (correspondent Liu Yuan) The weather is gradually cold, the cold wind can not help but make people shiver, but the fluorescent green everywhere, always bring unexpected warmth, they write the warm heart alarm in winter with practical actions.From January 19 to January 28, the traffic police Brigade of Shaodong Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out a special crackdown on crossing law enforcement in buses and vans.In the action, the police focused on traffic violations such as overcrowding of vans and buses, and carried out key inspections on the number of passengers, vehicle inspection, insurance purchase and vehicle safety facilities, constantly expanding and improving the scope of road control and targeted.At the same time, the police on duty explained the safety risks of overmanned illegal behavior to drivers in detail, and reminded passenger drivers to keep safe speed and distance, slow down and drive safely and cautiously when driving in cold weather.This action has further improved the traffic safety awareness, responsibility awareness and law-abiding awareness of the majority of passenger drivers and passengers, and laid a solid foundation for the smooth road traffic order during the Spring Festival travel rush.At 16:00 on January 21, the traffic police found an old man carrying a heavy object was getting off the bus when they were on duty in Heshang Bridge. The police quickly stepped forward to help the old man.After the inquiry, the police learned that the old man to the road across the bus.Worried that the old man alone across the road is not safe, the police immediately took the old man in the hands of heavy, helped the old man to the opposite street and the old man safely sent to the car.The old man thanked the police for their warm-hearted gesture, and the surrounding masses also gave thumbs up to praise the police for their warm-hearted gesture.At about 17pm on January 23, police were on duty at the intersection of Xinghe Avenue and Park Road when they found a little girl wandering in tears with her hands shaking with cold.The traffic police on duty quickly came forward to ask, that the little girl and her family separated, in the process of asking, the little girl has been crying, unable to tell where home is.The traffic policeman on duty immediately took the girl to the booth and turned on the air conditioner to keep the girl warm.In the traffic police patient comfort, the little girl finally say that their home near the East square.So, the traffic police all the way holding the little girl, along the way to the passers-by, finally found the girl’s parents at the gate of a community.In the child’s mother thanked repeatedly, the traffic police on duty to leave at ease.Police remind, parents must always take good care of children, do not neglect.