Waves rush sand: Spring Festival feeling

2022-05-01 0 By

The firecrackers went up in flames.Swallows are happy at night.Round bright sun rose every year.Tiger roar dragon teng today is again, changed the spring yan.Instant blue yellow circle.New leeks are in season.Sangtian times more sages.What I am trying to do is turn old.Postscript: Today is Spring Festival 2022.The custom of setting off firecrackers in the New Year is found everywhere.When the firecronianzi is lit, the firecracker seems to rush into the sky with a torrent of anger.It was late and people were still drinking and feasting.Sun and moon reincarnation, meet season meet year, this year’s jia Zi reincarnation to the year of the tiger.The sky was the same, the earth was the same, but it was another spring.The leaves turn green and yellow in cycles, endlessly like disks, green and yellow for another year, as if in an instant.Leek is a perennial herbaceous plant, mainly to leaf, leaf sheath for food.Harvest every 30 days or so.Leaves turn yellow and old if they are not harvested.After cutting the growth of leek will be delicious.Life is like cutting leeks.Endless changes, many sages change and change.Earthly life, is how much matter ah, that is the law of nature.Big waves rush the sand, everything in the world is changing at any time.Author: The heart has leisure.Image source network.