Langfang Intermediate People’s Court releases White Paper on Administrative Adjudication

2022-05-02 0 By

The picture shows the scene of the press conference.Huanjingjin News (Reporter Zhang Jing) On the morning of February 15, Langfang Intermediate People’s Court held a press conference to announce the “White Paper on Administrative Trial” issued by langfang Intermediate People’s Court, and introduced the background of the “White Paper on Administrative Trial” and the “six characteristics” of administrative cases in 2021.As well as suggestions on the problems of enforcement and litigation by administrative agencies.In order to better play the role of the people’s courts in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the people, promoting administration in accordance with the law and resolving administrative disputes, Langfang Intermediate People’s Court has actively implemented the Relevant requirements of the Administrative Procedure Law and the Notice of the Supreme People’s Court on the Activities of “White Paper” on Administrative Trials in Courts across the Country.The basic situation and problems reflected in administrative trials of courts in The city in 2021 were comprehensively summarized and analyzed, and a White Paper on administrative trials was formed and released to the public.The release of the white paper aims to further strengthen the benign interaction between administrative trial and administrative law enforcement, actively assist the government to timely and accurately grasp the status quo of administrative law enforcement in the city and all kinds of common legal problems, standardize law enforcement, resolve conflicts, early warning risks, plug loopholes, promote administration according to law, and build legal corridors.Six characteristics of administrative cases in 2021 identified in the White Paper on Administrative Trials are as follows: First, the total number of administrative cases accepted by the first instance has increased, and the public’s awareness of litigation rights protection has increased.Second, the appeal rate of cases decreased significantly, and the administrative counterparts tended to exercise the right of appeal rationally.Third, the number of cases of performing statutory duties has increased significantly, and the types of administrative cases tend to be diversified.Fourth, the number of litigation-related cases of county-level governments is generally stable and the regional distribution is not balanced.Fifth, administrative reconsideration cases have become more diverse, and the channels for administrative reconsideration to resolve administrative disputes have become more smooth.Sixth, the number of non-litigation enforcement cases has dropped significantly, and the number of applications is still uneven in different regions.In order to further standardize administrative behavior and boost the construction of a law-based government, Langfang Intermediate People’s Court put forward suggestions for administrative organs on the basis of careful analysis of the cases involved in litigation.First, we will further enhance the ability of administrative staff to apply the rule of law thinking in their work.Second, we will further improve the level of administrative law enforcement at the grassroots level.Third, further strengthen the standardization of administrative law enforcement.Fourth, we will step up substantive efforts to resolve administrative disputes.