On New Year’s Eve, she spent her birthday in the closed loop

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For Liu Yi, media director of the VMC stand of the Ice Ribbon at the National Speed Skating Stadium, January 31 is not only New Year’s eve, but also a birthday.On a day that should have been a time of family reunion and celebration, Liu yi was extremely busy — on this day, the “ice Ribbon” coincided with the first training competition. Nearly 100 journalists from home and abroad came to cover liu Yi and her team’s staff and volunteers were busy from morning to night.Liu Yi is at work.”As the director of the media seats, I have to work with 11 volunteers to ensure the smooth use of the 200 or so media seats at the speed skating hall and serve the journalists working here.”Liu Yi said.In this seemingly simple work, there are a lot of tedious content.”Hello, how do you connect this interface?””Please adjust this screen for me.””Can you tell me where the nearest bathroom is?”…In less than half an hour, Liu switched between Chinese and English freely to answer questions and clarify questions for many Chinese and foreign journalists and protect their work.This New Year’s Eve and birthday, without a family reunion, is not just a busy time for Liu Yi.At noon, the operation team of the National Speed Skating Hall organized a New Year’s worship activity. The staff inside and outside the closed loop looked at each other in the east and west stands and exchanged New Year wishes.The canteen also made dumplings with various fillings and colors for the ring staff.What touched Liu Yi even more was that her birthday was not forgotten by the people around her — the canteen staff prepared longevity noodles for her at noon, and she had a birthday cake when she went back to the Closed-loop hotel in the evening. Her team members also prepared blessings and small gifts for her.”It was an unforgettable experience. New Year’s Eve, birthday and the first ice Ribbon training competition were really special and I felt proud to serve the Winter Olympics.”Liu wei tells a reporter, she on this special day, also from work felt the warmth of the stranger, “we sat down with the media devices are carefully debugging, but there is a Japanese journalist, his seat cable don’t know why can’t use, later we will deal with in the past, in the process he did not impatient, but very understanding, always saying thank you.The journalists understand our work, which makes us feel we should serve them well and help them cover the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Liu told reporters that this is the first time in her life that she will not be able to spend the Spring Festival with her family.To be honest, when I entered the closed-loop on January 23, my family members were a little worried about me, but after video chatting with me, they understood the strong guarantee from all aspects behind our team, and they were relieved and firmly supported my work.”When asked what she most wants to say to her parents and lovers, Liu says with tears in her eyes, “I really appreciate their support and understanding. I hope I can make them happy and proud, and contribute to the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”