The translator was denounced as a “traitor”, eating and drinking in Japan to marry women, but killed 20,000 Japanese troops with eight words

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The victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression is a major periodic success in the history of Chinese resistance in the past hundred years.In order to obtain this “fruit of success”, countless good sons and daughters of The Chinese people took turns to fight against the enemy on the battlefield, at the cost of their lives.There are some heroes whose names we are familiar with, but there are others who are very special: dangerous double agents when necessary, and whose true faces are revealed only when the shrouds are lifted.During the War of Resistance against Japan, there was a “traitors” who was called the most bovine in China. He ate Japanese food and drank Japanese food, used all Japanese resources to cultivate himself, and finally killed 20,000 enemy troops with eight words.He is Xia Wenyun, what kind of story does he have on earth?In 1931, Li Zongren secretly met With Xia Wenyun. He said to the young man, “Wen yuan, we need to insert a hard enough nail in the Abdomen of the Japanese army. Are you willing to be this nail?”Li Zongren’s words let Xia Wenyun into deep thought, he knows li Zongren this is to be a spy.Spies have always been a deeply hated identity in the war, their body is full of complexity and contradictions, multiple identity under the cover of their often walk on the wire, a little attention is likely to expose the identity, thus losing their lives.What is more difficult is that although they have made great contributions to the military, they are often stigmatized for their political needs throughout their lives.If no one stands up for them, they will have to live in the mouths of the people all their lives.Li Zongren gave the task let Xia Wenyun silent, his mind flashed the teachings of the saint and the people living in the middle of the suffering.It suddenly dawned on him that the opportunity he had been waiting for to serve his country had come.So, he accepted li Zongsheng’s task, and began to prepare, ready to insert the Japanese army at any time and anywhere.Opportunity came very quickly, the Japanese army is in urgent need of a batch of talented person who is proficient in the language of China and Japan, they want to assist the Japanese army in the army to obtain our army information.Before that, as a Japanese-educated talent, Li Zongren smoothly into the Sight of the Japanese army, soon received an invitation to become their translator.With Summer Wenyun appeared in the Japanese army of talent, there is no lack of acquaintance with friends.The way they came here was not as friendly as Xia Wenyun. Many of them were even sent here to become one of them. When they saw Xia Wenyun, their eyes all revealed the dawn of hope.Because in their impression of the Summer wenyun is an iron clanged Chinese hero, how he will be the Japanese five meters bow?But the reality makes them greatly surprised however, the Japanese army in order to be able to let these people be most willing to work for their own high salary to lure them into submission.When a group of people hesitated, Xia Wenyun was the first to step forward and become a Japanese translator.As they watched the scene, their eyes changed from hope to dismay to anger, and they shouted that Xia was a traitor, while xia’s expression remained unchanged throughout.The Baby in the eyes of the Japanese army into the Japanese army began to work, Summer Wenyun successfully interpreted the image of a traitor.He never took the initiative to spy on the Japanese intelligence, all the attention is in the hands of the work, even if the Japanese sent personnel to spy on him, but also can not see any abnormal reaction summer Wenyun.Such a staff member is exactly what the Japanese government wants to see, and they are paying more attention to Xia wenyun, and are interested in promoting him to a higher level.In order to be able to stabilize the heart of Summer Wen Yun, the Japanese army is on the basis of the original high salary, and sent a beautiful Japanese woman for him.In the face of these temptations, Xia Wenyun according to the sheet all received, did not refuse, he was single-minded to create in front of the Japanese is a greedy greedy easy to be controlled.The direction of the development of things is also fully in line with his mind, the Japanese more satisfied with the Summer wenyun, decided to send him into the North China command to do translation.When xia Wenyun knew he was about to enter the North China headquarters, he knew he was waiting!Li Zongren set the task to summer Wenyun, not just into the Japanese spy so simple, he not only to long-term ambush in the Japanese army, and try to find a way to insert himself into the Japanese high-level, only in this way, summer Wenyun can get more critical military information for our soldiers.At this time, the development of things fully accords with Xia Wenyun’s vision, but the outside world to Xia Wenyun’s abuse is also endless.Xia Wenyun traitors image deep in the hearts of the outside world only when he is a traitor to the shameless people.After xia Wenyun entered the headquarters to work, he repeatedly sent important information to the central, one of the most influential, is the eight-character qing killed twenty thousand army event.It happened in the Taierzhuang Battle. On April 7, 1938, General Li Zongren led his subordinates in Taierzhuang and the Japanese army fought a brutal battle.Before setting out for Taierzhuang, General Li Zongren was agonizing over the choice of route to go south or north, which directly affected the casualties of our soldiers.The Deployment of The Japanese army in the North and the South is different, and the best option for the Korean army is to avoid areas where the Japanese army is active.When Li Zongren general distress, Xia Wenyun sent a tip-off, the content of only eight words: the Japanese south and north immobile.After getting the news, Li Zongren immediately decided to lead his men to the north, with all the troops together exterminated the Japanese army of twenty thousand people, it can be said that xia Wenyun’s eight characters exterminated so many enemies.After the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, Xia Wenyun disappeared in front of everyone, but no one called him a traitor.Until General Li Zongren stood up, he announced xia Wenyun’s identity to everyone, and introduced the achievements made by Xia Wenyun during the Anti-Japanese War, which made Xia Wenyun no longer have the traitor’s stigma.Xia wenyun was asked if he regretted agreeing to the assignment. After thinking it over, he shook his head firmly.At that time, when Li told him about the task, he knew he had become a very important pawn in the battle.Although the road ahead is dangerous, the land is full of thorns, but through these obstacles, he knows that he can usher in the “fruit” of victory with the masses of people.