Can you break up and immediately find someone else?Have you never really been in love?

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Just when you’re wondering how you ended your relationship, you click on your ex’s facebook feed to find out he’s hot with another girl and can’t wait to tell the world about his new relationship!While you’re still crying your eyes out about the relationship and checking out all the things you’re not good enough about, and he’s moving on so fast, you’re wondering, “How could you get over me so quickly?””Has he never loved?”Although the reality is harsh, let’s see how it works!There were signs before the breakup, you just didn’t notice girl, you were just a cog in his love game.Often can’t find anyone!””Fight for no reason, then disappear for days saying calm down!””Often absent-minded, do not know what message is answering!”A girl has a sixth sense. You start by telling yourself that you’re overthinking him, that he’s busy, that he’s stressed out, and that you need to be the sweet girl, but eventually your relationship may have hit the wall at some point.Girl, you’re just a part of his love game.”All that ‘I love you’ he says?All fake?”No, it’s true. When he says he loves you “now,” he means he loves you, just not anymore.For those immature boys, what they love most is themselves, they have no intention to accompany you to face the difficulties that need to be overcome in the relationship, the place that needs to run in, what’s worse, I have to tell you ruthlessly: “You may be just a part of his love game now, he also plans to settle down with anyone.”Breakup empathy syndrome!The study found that Broken Heart Syndrome, in which people are unable to breathe, suffer from severe Heart pain, dizziness and night sweats, is more likely to be a severe shock. In response to the pain of a Broken relationship, one’s feelings are transferred to another.It gives the illusion of moving away the pain.Lovelorn really heartache, to take care of yourself!Some people don’t put all their eggs in one basket.This type of person is always on the wait-and-see, always thinking what’s next will be better, “looking out of the window”, hoping for a better option even though they are in a relationship.You may think that you have given him enough and full marks, but he feels that it is far from enough. A relationship with you is just like a way for him to accumulate experience and level up before challenging a more difficult opponent.Post-traumatic syndrome – Disbelieving in love Sometimes it’s so sad that we think we’re the one being hurt, but what about the other person?Maybe he was hurt pretty bad, too.Maybe you really experienced vigorous love, forget to he felt “has lost the best”, even “his won’t meet a good object”, after breaking up, he may lose confidence to the sentiment, after each relationship just goof around, as long as see the cross-eyed, together.Most people go through the mindset after a breakup that says, “I’m going to prove I can do it without you!”In such a retaliatory psychological influence, will choose in the shortest time will quickly put himself into the next relationship, and then constantly bask in love, show off to hurt his last look.If you notice that they haven’t deleted you or followed you in a while, and their feed is open and unlocked, they’re probably just trying to get you to change your mind.