What meaning is aluminum alloy broken bridge door window

2022-05-04 0 By

1. Heat insulation aluminum alloy doors and Windows, is based on the old aluminum alloy Windows in order to improve the thermal insulation performance of doors and Windows and launched the improved, by enhancing the nylon strip aluminum alloy profiles into two parts inside and outside so as to block the heat conduction of aluminum.2. Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows have the features of wind proof, sound insulation, noise reduction and energy saving.3. Use PA66 nylon broken bridge aluminum alloy Windows, in indoor and outdoor form a new type of insulating aluminium profile, based on its connection mode, the article can be divided into wear and injecting two kinds, in the production of doors and Windows profiles has good heat insulation performance, can effectively solve the aluminum alloy material heat faster, do not meet the requirements of energy saving of faults, at the same time, adopt the new structure form,Completely solved the “aluminum alloy sliding window seal is not strict” old difficult problem.Extension. We are in the use of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, tend to ignore a composite membrane, it is a composed of artificial dye oxidation film composite film, with a strong ability to resist corrosion, but also has good flame retardant effect, so if I buy a window of aluminium alloy, the best is coated with a layer of thin film on aluminum alloy doors and Windows, try to avoid to wipe.