In 2021, THE GDP of 59 counties and cities in Anhui will exceed 100 billion yuan in Feixi, 50.87 billion yuan in Taihe and depressed in Wuhe

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Anhui province has made great progress in economic development in recent years. In 2021, the GDP of Anhui province and Shanghai will both break the mark of 4 trillion yuan, indicating that all the three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta are more than 4 trillion yuan.According to an insider, although The GDP of Anhui province is still lower than that of Shanghai in 2021, if you compare the GDP of Anhui province in the first ten years with that of Shanghai, you will find that it is really only a matter of time before Anhui catches up with Shanghai.As early as 10 years ago in 2012, Shanghai’s total was 213,056 billion yuan, while Anhui’s was 1,834.17 billion yuan. At that time, Anhui was only 86.09% of Shanghai’s.It may be just the beginning for Anhui province to catch up with Shanghai. In the future, Anhui Province will certainly win Hunan province, which can be seen from the development speed of the past ten years. With the geographical location of Anhui Province and the policy support of the state, Anhui Province will be getting better and better.The outstanding development of Anhui province will naturally drive the development of all counties and cities under its jurisdiction. Up to now, Anhui province has 59 counties and cities under its jurisdiction. Let’s take a look at the GDP performance of all counties and cities in Anhui Province in 2021.On the whole, the GDP of counties and cities in northern Anhui is obviously stronger than that in southern Anhui.Some people say that this point is not logical, has not been the southern Anhui than northern Anhui rich?However, there are many mountainous areas in southern Anhui and the population is limited. Many counties and cities have less than 200,000 permanent residents and a small GDP, such as Jingde County, which only has 6.191 billion yuan. However, the overall wealth level is very good and far exceeds that of northern Anhui.Feixi county created the history of county economic development in Anhui Province.In 2021, its GDP reached 101.87 billion yuan, which is the only county or city in Anhui province with a GDP of more than 100 billion yuan.The performance of Feixi in the past year is eye-catching, with a nominal GDP growth rate of 17.1% and an increment of 14.85 billion yuan.So how fast is its 17.1% growth rate?It is 3.49 percentage points higher than hefei and 6.04 percentage points higher than the whole province.Feixi County not only developed very fast last year, has always been the pacemaker in the growth rate of anhui province, but also in the total GDP for many years held the first place in the province, anhui province is one of the few national economic top 100 counties.Feixi county is so fierce, can not leave its science and industry development.In the field of science and technology innovation, Feixi county had 214 high-tech enterprises in 2018;In industry, the current leading industries are automobiles, home appliances, electronic information, equipment manufacturing and biological medicine.After Feixi, there are nine other counties and cities in Anhui whose GDP exceeded 50 billion yuan.They are Feidong, Changfeng, Tianchang, Wuwei, Chaohu, Suixi, Lujiang, Dangtu and Taihe counties.Among them, Taihe County can exceed 50 billion yuan, many people did not expect, perhaps even many people in Taihe County did not expect.In everyone’s impression, Taihe is not only a poor county in Anhui province or the country’s poor county, unexpectedly can break the 50 billion yuan mark, into the province’s top ten?Industry analysis, this is about its nearly 1.4 million permanent population.Starting from 11th place to 59th place, the GDP of these 49 counties and cities will not reach 50 billion yuan in 2021.Although the overall scale is low, but the speed of development is still very fast, most of them are in double digits, among them, Ma on Shan and county is up to 19%.However, Wuhe County in Bengbu fared poorly, with GDP growth of only 1.7 percent.To be honest, there is no way. In the case of negative growth of Bengbu city, Wuhe County has outperformed the whole city with positive growth.