1-0!Japan erupts, Liverpool star scores, kneels to celebrate, China’s Nemesis assists

2022-05-11 0 By

12 strong competition in the eighth round of World Cup qualifier in Asia, Japan and Saudi Arabia be rivals, the match at the saitama stadium, the first half, Japan first goal, the pure also assists in the south east wild billiton real scoring, the score 1-0 to the east of pure again also become a key player for Japan, if the score on, Japan is expected to compete the group!Japan and Saudi Arabia are both strong teams in The Asian region. The former has just won four consecutive games and has reached 15 points, while Saudi Arabia is stronger, unbeaten in seven games and has 19 points, which is one of the highest teams in the Asian region.A win for Saudi Arabia would take them to 22 points and put them even closer to qualification.A win for Japan would give them 18 points and a chance to compete for top spot in the group.Australia, of course, have nothing to lose in this round. They face Oman in this round and a point for the Australian team would mean their elimination.Japan coach Moriboichi attaches great importance to this game, this point, from the team starting lineup can be seen, the team ace ITO Junchun also continue to start, Minamano Takeshi and Dayu yong also appeared in the offensive line, Saudi Arabia is also the strongest team to play, both teams do not hope to lose points in this game.Just five minutes into the game, Saudi Arabian central defender Alessandro Blehi fouled and picked up the first yellow card of the game.Within a minute, the Saudi players also brought down Dayu Yuya, the foul is again Blaich, but the referee spared no further card.The decision left Moriboichi dissatisfied and the Japanese coach thought the referee should have shown his hand.In the 10th minute, Saudi Arabia attacked from the left and sent a cross into the Japanese penalty area, which was headed clear by the defender.In the 22nd minute, Saudi Arabia got a free kick from the left and drove the ball into the penalty area. The attacking players grabbed the first point, but the Japanese defenders cleared the ball out of the area.Japan attacked in the 23rd minute and Isao Ohsu went down in the penalty area, but the linesman flagged offside and the Japanese players did not appeal to the referee.In the 32nd minute, Japan’s Takashi ITO forced his way down the right flank and crossed to the goal. Takashi Nanno grabbed the ball, slipped past the defenders, and volleyed home the ball.It has to be said that Junya ITO’s breakthrough ability is very outstanding, at least in Asian football, few defenders can stop him, against China’s two legs, the winger’s play is phenomenal, can be called China’s Nemesis!