The three major A-share indexes diverged: the Chinext index fell about 2 percent, while sectors such as tourism and agriculture advanced

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The three major a-share indexes diverged today, with the Shanghai Composite index up 0.17% at 3,485.91 points.The Shenzhen Component index fell 0.73 percent to 13,432.07;The chinext index fell 1.98 percent to 2,826.52 points.February 10, Shanghai intraday to maintain a narrow volatility trend, the end of the financial, real estate plate led by a small pull up turn red, four consecutive days of Yang;Shencheng index, gem index intraday shock dip, GEM once fell more than 2.5%, the end of the decline narrowed;The turnover of the two markets exceeded 930 billion yuan, and the net purchase of northbound funds exceeded 4.5 billion yuan.At the close, the Shanghai Index rose 0.17% to 3485.91 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.73% to 13432.07 points, and the Growth Enterprise Index fell 1.98% to 2826.52 points.The two cities clinked a deal of 936.4 billion yuan, with a net purchase of 4.52 billion yuan of northbound funds.Disk, tourism plate strong trend, CITS United, Caesar tourism, Qujiang culture travel and other shares trading limit;Hotel catering, coal, agriculture, construction, aviation and other plates are strong, insurance, banking, real estate, electricity, steel and other plates have pulled up;Topics such as pork, water conservancy and duty-free are active, while new energy vehicles, COVID-19, energy storage, lithium batteries and consumer electronics are weak.Guosheng Securities pointed out that the post-holiday market opened high after a continuous repair rebound, the Shanghai Composite index after stabilization is still expected to step back again, still need to be cautious response, can actively track the market capital concerns higher plate stocks low suction opportunities.On the whole, under the overall stable market liquidity tone, we can actively pay attention to the current market hot digital economy and infrastructure-related stock opportunities.In operation, with the continuation of the post-holiday market rebound, the market may be able to open new cycle opportunities for new themes, bargains to grasp the performance of stocks with significant reversal expectations, but also need to be cautious about the volatility risk brought by market shocks, cautious chasing high.China Fortune Securities said that the short cycle, wait for the market to enter the bottom stage, cautious optimism at present.Looking ahead, “mixed” liquidity indicators suggest asset price volatility will remain high.The spring offensive should be grasped from two dimensions. The first dimension is to implement and increase specific policies to stabilize growth and hedge pessimistic expectations of upward economic pressure.The economic work Conference held in December 2021 made it clear that China’s economic development is facing the triple pressure of demand contraction, supply shock and weakening expectations. In 2022, China’s economic work should be stable, seek progress while maintaining stability, and implement a proactive fiscal policy. The market is waiting for the implementation of the policy of stable growth.The second dimension is the gradual change of global liquidity expectations, the expansion of domestic broad liquidity, the landing of structural broad credit, and the stability of narrow liquidity.The key allocation ideas are sorted out, closely following the main line of “stable growth”, energy revolution and scientific and technological innovation.Specifically include: (1) under the main line of “steady growth”, cement and building materials under the expectation of large-scale construction of affordable housing;Consumption boosts expected food and beverage;Ultra-high pressure and digital economy under the background of wide fiscal expectations;(2) Under the background of energy revolution, large-scale construction of clean energy, wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage;(3) The main line of industrial upgrading and new development under the line of scientific and technological innovation: intelligent vehicles, meta-universe, 5G+ industrial Internet.