Shuiqingxia, 2 times substitution immediately scored, with the wheels of the war to achieve victory

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In the early morning of Feb 4, during the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, the Chinese women’s soccer team presented a great gift to the Chinese people ahead of the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.They fell behind twice and came back to draw twice in the Semifinals of the Asian Cup before beating Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout to reach the final.Although the ball won, but we must be sure that the Strength of the Japanese women’s football team is stronger than ours.Of course, the Chinese women’s football team won the game mainly because of the hard work of the players, but it must be acknowledged that the new head coach, Shui Qingxia, also contributed to the success.This semi-final, The Chinese women’s football core Wang Frost injury retreat, Shui Qingxia faces great difficulties.In this case, she put forward player Wang Shanshan in the central defender position, played the role of drawing a dragon point fine.See in the game, Wang Shanshan always use her height and speed in the rescue.If It wasn’t for Wang Shanshan in the backcourt, the Chinese women’s soccer team might have lost a few goals.Then Shui sent Xiao yu-yi to open the second half.It was she who, within a minute, set up wu Chengshu to score China’s first equaliser.Shui’s second substitution came late in extra time, when she freed Wang shanshan to run forward when the Chinese were again 2-1 down.Also just go up a few minutes, Wang Shanshan kicked into a absolutely flat ball.If shui Qingxia’s two changes after the adjustment, immediately scored a certain contingency, she used the wheel battle, is the Chinese women’s football team can overcome the strong important basis.This game, she changed a total of 6 people, the Chinese women’s football team has a total of 17 players on the field.The Japanese women’s team, on the other hand, they only used one player in regular time, only two in the first 100 minutes, and then a third in the 112th minute.What’s more amazing is that most of the players in the Chinese women’s football team were not in their accustomed positions. Wang Xiaoxue was the only real defender left on the field at the end of the game, which shows the boldness and flexibility of Shui Qingxia’s selection.What is certain is that the change of shui Qingxia in the semi-final, the Japanese women’s football team all the preparation has been disappointed.Since the final is against South Korea, it is the first time for Su to lead the team, and there is a good chance to win the Asian Cup again and restore the glory of the old women’s football team.That’s a hell of a change of scenery.