There are more than 500 law firms in the city!Qingdao lawyer industry development has these characteristics

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Source:Qingdao daily/view news daily/Qingdao sea view sea view of news on Feb. 9 – news reporter learns from Qingdao city judicial bureau today, in 2021, Qingdao legal profession, service, service development, adhere to the service general situation, the people’s livelihood, vigorously promote the development of lawyering is high quality, the number of number of law firms, lawyers, caseload, business income and so on four big index grew more than 10%,We got the 14th Five-Year Plan off to a good start.At present, the number of law firms in the city has reached 501, an increase of 54 or 12.08%.The number of lawyers was 7,187, an increase of 822 or 12.9%, or 7.14 per 10,000;The number of cases handled was 151,366, an increase of 21,968, an increase of 16.97%;The business revenue was 3,165,583,800 yuan, an increase of 374,096 million yuan or 13.4%.In terms of practicing institutions, there are 501 law firms in The city, including 376 partnership firms, 31 special general partnership firms and 94 individual firms.There are 121 practicing institutions of public companies, including 72 Party and government organs, 37 state-owned enterprises, 1 people’s organization, 4 private enterprises and 7 public institutions.In terms of the size of institutions, there are 8 practicing lawyers with more than 100 employees.51-100 people, 9 families;31 to 50 employees, 26 families;16 to 30 people, 66;5-15 people, 247;Five people or less, 145.In terms of practicing lawyers, there were 7,187 lawyers, including 6,581 full-time lawyers, 147 part-time lawyers, 270 civil servants, 144 company lawyers and 45 legal aid lawyers.Under 30, 1,676;Aged 31-40, 2,584;Between 41 and 50, 1,803;Aged 51-60, 903;Over the age of 60, 221.Among them, 65 are doctors, accounting for 0.9%;1296 master students, accounting for 18.03%;4833 undergraduate students, accounting for 67.25%;118 specialists, accounting for 1.64%;Others 875 (12.18%).4213 males, accounting for 58.62%;There were 2,974 females, accounting for 41.38%.By the end of 2021, practicing lawyers in Qingdao had handled 151,366 legal affairs of various types.Handled 122,678 litigation cases, including 8,952 criminal cases, accounting for 7.30% of the litigation cases;Represented 96,377 civil cases, accounting for 78.56% of all litigation cases;There were 3,225 administrative cases, accounting for 2.63% of the litigation cases;There were 160 complaints, accounting for 0.13% of the litigation cases.They handled 12,068 non-litigation legal matters, 16,703 consulting and writing on behalf, and 5,281 arbitration cases.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Dai Qian Correspondent Xu Shaoyang Zhang Min)