A former NBA executive suggested the Lakers send Westbrook back to the Thunder this offseason in exchange for younger players to rebuild

2022-05-20 0 By

The Los Angeles Lakers could trade Russell Westbrook to the Oklahoma City Thunder this offseason, according to league sources and a former NBA executive.While the Lakers may make the playoffs for the rest of the season, however, they can still give up the team’s ineffective player at the end of the season: Westbrook.Expect Rob Pelinka to keep looking for a trade even as Russell Westbrook struggles to fit into the Lakers’ game plan over the course of several games.Westbrook’s trade value is still shockingly low, to be sure, but the Los Angeles Lakers will likely find the right deal before next season.According to former NBA executive John Hollinger, the Lakers could send westbrook to help the Thunder complete their rebuilding.Also, a chance to rebuild in exchange for young prospects and future draft picks.Hollinger thinks the Lakers could trade Westbrook for Oklahoma City’s Derrick Favors and another young prospect.The deal would create a huge trade exception for the Lakers and then use the 2029 first-round draft pick to bring in other stars.Or, trade Westbrook to the 76ers for Tobias Harris or the Mavericks for Davis Bertans.Oklahoma City was one of the teams that suited Westbrook well, and when Kevin Durant left the Thunder, Westbrook hung in to keep the team’s record going, winning MVP in 2017.To this day, Thunder fans still look forward to westbrook’s return, hoping he can recapture his former peak form with the Thunder.No matter where Westbrook ends up, the Lakers will have to make a trade this offseason.Because it’s hard to make the playoffs with a 26-31 record.With the lakers likely to be rebuilding this offseason, do you think the lakers will send Westbrook back to Oklahoma City?