129 yuan!Mi Game mouse Lite on sale: only 79GB

2022-05-22 0 By

February 9 news, in January millet launched a Millet game mouse Lite and opened crowdfunding, using 72G lightweight design body, TTC dustproof gold micro-motion, support 5-block adjustable DPI, retail price of 129 yuan, crowdfunding price of 99 yuan, today this mouse officially opened for sale.It is understood that the mouse weighs about 72g, and the “zero punch” lightweight case gives consideration to the integrity of the fuselage and high strength structural support, so it moves quickly and flexibly.Mouse tail RGB dazzling streamer atmosphere light, without driving can adjust the long light, streamer, breathing and other lighting effects and brightness through the combination of keys.Xiaomi game mouse Lite uses TTC dustproof gold micro-movement, has 80 million click life, and has IP54 protection level, can largely avoid double click error contact caused by dust and other reasons, extend the service life of the mouse.The curved surface of the fuselage fits the force point of the palm, and the grip feel is rich and full. It is suitable for various holding habits such as lying down and grasping, and the operation is comfortable and stable for a long time.In addition, Xiaomi game mouse Lite also uses the original PixArt PAW3327 sensor, support the highest 220IPS, 6200DPI, and has 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6200 five DPI adjustment, can adapt to different use scenarios.Wear-resistant texture body, breathable and sweat-proof, durable, custom RGB light belt, full personality, favorite partners can enter!