Beijing Winter Olympics, “greenest” Olympics!

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The “Water Cube” has become the “Ice Cube”, shougang Industrial Heritage has become the “snow flying sky”, more than 1,000 hydrogen buses shuttle through the stadium, and 26 venues in the three major competition areas have achieved 100% green electricity supply…On the field of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China has fulfilled its solemn commitment of hosting a “green Olympics” with concrete actions, showcasing to the world China’s strong determination and unremitting efforts to pursue green development and build a beautiful China.This morning, a press conference on the “Beautiful China green Winter Olympics” was held at the Beijing Press Center. Officials from relevant departments of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment briefed reporters and answered questions.China has fulfilled its commitment to green Hosting of the Olympic Games with concrete actions. How do you evaluate the specific measures taken for green hosting of the Olympic Games?Wang Jinnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, president of the Academy of Environmental Planning under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and president of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, said that he proposed at the 2017 Beijing Municipal People’s Congress that “The Beijing Winter Olympic Games should leave a precious green and low-carbon legacy to the world.” He hoped that an action plan for sustainable development of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games could be formulated.In planning preparation, sporting event, after the recycling process to implement the concept of sustainable green low carbon, at the same time in the popularization of ice and snow sports, promote the green concept of sustainable and green low carbon quality, the concept of sustainability and requirements with the Olympic culture and the combination of Chinese traditional culture, for future generations of green low carbon, the sustainability of the Olympic legacy.”So far, the Beijing Winter Olympics has been fully recognized by the international community for its efforts to carry out a ‘green Olympics’. Juan Antonio Samaranch jr., chairman of the IOC Beijing Winter Olympics Coordination Commission, said in an interview that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be the’ greenest ‘Games.”Wang jinnan said that recently, many international media have reported on the best practices of green Winter Olympics, fully affirming the proud achievements of the Beijing Winter Olympics in green, low-carbon and sustainable aspects.Such achievements have not come easily.Beijing games organizing committee and the host city government make joint efforts to actively promote low-carbon projects, fully application of low-carbon technologies, through the low carbon energy, low carbon construction, low-carbon transport, low-carbon office low carbon management measures, such as forestry carbon sequestration, corporate donation, and other ways to realize carbon offsets, carbon neutral for the first time the Olympic Games;Build green division, maximum use of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games stadiums heritage and other existing venues and facilities, all new stadium adopts high standards of green design and construction process of yanqing and zhangjiakou construction in order to “green games mountain venues,” as the goal, to give way, protection measures, such as slow, reconstruction, compensationReduce environmental impact from design sources.”Zhangbei’s wind lit the lights of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the qr code management of the trees in The Beijing Yanqing Competition area are also becoming more and more well-known. In particular, energy-saving and clean energy vehicles accounted for 84.9% of all the guaranteed vehicles during the games, the highest ever for the Winter Olympics.”Wang jinnan said.To sum up, the green and low-carbon practice of the Beijing Winter Olympics has become a model of the beautiful background of a beautiful China, leaving a rich and valuable sustainable Olympic legacy for future generations.A word summed up the green Olympic Games: “Beijing Winter Olympics green low-carbon, especially good!”Wang jinnan said.