Change for the East Side!Harden and Simmons exchange brief comments

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The Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets have agreed to a blockbuster trade that will send Harden and Paul Millsap to the Nets.The Sixers sent out Ben Simmons, Steph Curry, Draymond and the 2022 and 2027 first-round picks.The trade between the two teams comes as no surprise to us, as harden’s desire to join the Philadelphia 76ers was previously reported by multiple media outlets.Harden also made it clear that he had been thinking that way, too, but was too afraid of criticism to put pressure on the front office.In the end, the two teams combined to complete a big trade that changed the eastern Conference.After the dust settles on the deal, let’s talk about what it means for both teams.First up are the Philadelphia 76ers, who, in terms of trade chips, have truly acquired their own perimeter shooting spot after acquiring Harden.We’ve talked a lot about this team, and they’re a problem with their organization in addition to shooting.Especially in recent games, Philadelphia has often struggled to find a solution to opponents’ zone defense.If they’re going to break through this season, a big change is inevitable.The deal wasn’t entirely focused on Harden, but with Bradley Beal out for the season and Lillard staying even as the team was rebuilding, Philadelphia’s options were increasingly limited to harden.As for Harden, as a top ball-handling playmaker, his excellence in the game naturally need not be said.Super offensive ability can attract enough defensive pressure, while attracting opponents to double teams, but still through his excellent passing ability to create opportunities for teammates to score.Although his personal performance has declined somewhat since he returned from injury this season, he is still an organization player to watch with double figures in assists per game.From the point of his individual performance, is the Philadelphia 76 ers have been on the periphery of attack of the originators of the type of player, in theory, he join would be the team’s strong reinforcing, but considering the rotation of 76 people, we refer to previous harden during most of the time the rocket partner post player,Most of them are pie-eating big men like Capela, so it’s not clear what kind of chemistry harden and Embiid’s autonomous offensive ability will produce so far.While we don’t know anything, it’s easy to take a look at what he did with the Nets as an individual player: run small pick-and-rolls on the perimeter with Bruce Brown;A pick-and-roll with Lamarcus Aldridge in the post;At the top of the arc, use the off-ball screen opportunities of the bilateral shooter to find a suitable single object;A shooter who takes advantage of his individual ability to pass the ball to the outside corner after dribbling.Pass to Durant in the low elbow area, who uses his undifferentiated one-on-one ability to finish the shot.The above points are harden in the Nets lineup, the coach’s most common arrangement.One of the most important things about harden and Brown is his ability to finish when attacking the paint, his soft touch and his ability to respond to sinking defenses with steady throws.Even when faced with a double assist, brown is capable of scoring goals.That’s why Bruce Brown, who is shooting just 29 percent from 3-point range, has been able to stay on this team.Consider the Philadelphia 76ers, who also have a very physical guard on the perimeter who shoots poorly.Martis Sable, who shot 31 percent from 3-point range, averaged 0.9 cuts off the ball per game, a low rate but an awesome 99.7 efficiency rating.At this point, Sabre should be a great partner for Harden in the pick-and-roll in the future.But when it comes to sixers game tape, the reality is different.Most of Sable’s off the ball cuts come from weak side help, and most of them take advantage of the lack of concentration of the opponent’s defense. Sable’s off the ball cuts are pretty bad when he’s being targeted.To put it simply, Saber doesn’t have the short-range pick-and-roll we’d like him to have, and judging by his rough finishing touch, it’s unlikely that he and Harden will have the Bruce Brown effect of the past.Of course, we can’t completely deny Sabre because of his previous games, after all, he has not been in the league with a real pick and roll capable guard.Of course, if Harden’s arrival inspires Sabre on offense, it will be a pleasant surprise for the 76ers.As for Harden’s second choice in the Nets, embiid and Aldridge are very different from each other in their scoring style and shot distribution.Embiid has been playing more midrange singles in recent seasons, and that’s the biggest difference from Aldridge.But we don’t have to write him off completely with Harden, as the team’s excessive use of Embiid in mid-range possessions stems largely from their lack of quality passing guards on the back line.Aside from the holdout Simmons, steph Curry might be the only real passer threat on the court, but they’re not nearly enough.Now with Harden on the defensive line, embiid’s midrange singles will be an easier option to attack.Second, and third, judging by the shooters the Nets have for Harden, they need to be able to punish opponents on the floor with extremely fast perimeter shots and the ability to get away from the defense.This is also the current veteran Mills in the nets hit the main reason for the smooth flow.As far as the Philadelphia 76ers’ roster goes, Tobias Harris should be able to replace Mills in a big way, and given his ball-handling abilities on offense, he could even give Harden more space.Of course, all of this preconditions that he can maintain his shooting percentage in the offensive.So, from those perspectives, tobias Harris is likely to be harden’s biggest beneficiary.And let’s not forget, behind Harris, they have a veteran in Danny Green.To be sure, it’s not entirely certain that anyone in Philadelphia’s lineup can fully replace Mills in harden’s offense.Steph Curry would have been a good fit for the position based on their previous roster, but he became an added value in the trade.Melton, Maxie, etc., have yet to develop their consistency in shooting, and they obviously have a long way to go before they can grow to the level of Mills.From that perspective, they’re also likely to limit Harden’s offensive play in a way that might not be noticeable during the regular season, but when it comes to the high-level stage of the playoffs, it might be worth pondering the questions that follow.Don’t worry too much about the nets’ other two options for Harden, as the 76ers had plenty of perimeter shooters for him when they built their team around Simmons.For example, Niang at the No. 4 position, while he may have a weakness with the ball, has longer range and gives Harden more firepower up front than Blake Griffin, who the Nets have used in that position.And embiid in the post, who is shooting 35.8 percent from 3-point range this season, will give Harden plenty of room to play, so we don’t have to worry about that.Millsap hasn’t had much of a chance to play in the Nets this season, so we don’t expect him to help in Philadelphia.After the deal is made, we can roughly line up a healthy Philadelphia 76ers starting lineup: Harden and Milton in the backcourt, Harris up front with Sabre or Danny Green, and Embiid in the interior.Compared to the previous lineup, this lineup will go a long way toward improving Philadelphia’s poor perimeter defense in the first half of the season.As the ball handler, Harden has long been a notorious defender off the ball, but his size advantage over steph Curry and Max Maxi in the past makes it harder for him to completely break down his defense in a single defense.And they could try to move Harden to the wing and use the more defensive Sabre to match up with opposing guards with the ball, which might be a better option for them to try later.Milton’s ability to play off the ball is obviously superior to that of his previous starter, Maxi, and this adjustment will greatly leverage Harden’s ball-handling ability, while Maxi will also be able to lead the bench on the second unit to maintain the intensity of the game.With green and Sable up front, they can make a reasonable choice for different opponents, but from a personal point of view, Sable should play the majority of the minutes, because Danny Green is 34 years old this season and the team should be cautious about using him.We personally think the key to the outcome of the deal is tobias Harris.Embiid has shown us a lot of quality in the last two seasons, so we’re not worried about harden.But Harris is different. Looking back over his career, he has never teamed up with a top-class backcourt player of Harden’s caliber, and we’re not sure where the chemistry will go.If Harris can be effective alongside Harden, that’s a sign Philadelphia can go one step further.On the other hand, if they fail, Philadelphia’s attempt to break out of the eastern conference seems to be a tall order.After all, Philadelphia gave away the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft in this deal, simmons, whose performance has been questionable, but we can’t deny that his acquisition has helped the Brooklyn Nets.While Philadelphia acquired one of the league’s top singles scorers in the deal, it also created a potential future opponent.Before the Nets can make a deal for Simmons, they need to know exactly what simmons is thinking right now, which is a mystery until a deal is made.In the immediate aftermath of the deal, however, reports emerged that Simmons had been in frequent contact with Durant and team executives, in which he made clear his desire to play.With that biggest question out of the way, we’ll talk about what Simmons has done for this team on the court.Looking at the current lineup, the Nets used to have a bunch of good shooters on the perimeter in Mills, Joe Harris, Durant and Thomas, and now they’ve got Steph Curry in the trade.In such a perimeter environment, even simmons, who is not a shooting threat, can have plenty of space on the floor.As a top playmaker, Simmons could also take a look at harden’s playmaking in the past, where he could try to play more in the high post with the ball and look for individual cuts when his teammates open the floor.That’s what he’s doing offensively, and even if we don’t get our expectations right, Simmons’ ability to play defense will keep him in the Nets’ lineup.Compared to the single-point defensive players like Benbury and Johnson in the Nets lineup, Simmons has the ability to defend five positions alone and assist, and his presence can greatly reduce the team’s subsequent assist pressure.Players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, who are not known for their defensive skills, are free to focus more on offense.So on both ends of the court, as long as Simmons is healthy, the Brooklyn Nets remain one of the best prospects in the East.Of course, it’s not easy to judge Simmons’ acquisition, given the fact that the core players on this team have had to stay mentally positive while staying physically healthy.Irving’s character, of course, was a big part of harden’s departure;Durant, on the other hand, has long been seen as lacking leadership. He was supposed to be a mediator between Harden and Irving, but his inability to do so ultimately led to the breakup of the big three.And simmons, we can’t ignore what happened to him either.His problems with the Sixers largely stemmed from last season’s poor playoff run, and his aggressive behavior later cost the team a lot of money.When such a few top players gather together, they can show their top quality in the championship, but the outside pressure is also what they have to face.Considering That Joe Harris is still recovering from surgery, Kevin Durant is still out and kyrie irving is still unvaccinated.Such team pressure for Simmons, no less than before the Philadelphia 76ers.It will be up to him whether he can perform as well as he should in such a difficult environment and change his negative image.Let’s assume that if Simmons can live up to his stated attitude and play aggressively on this team, then the trade will be worth it for the Nets.In addition to top-tier defensive playmaker Simmons, they also acquired Stephen Curry and two first-round picks in a trade.With this new triumvirate, durant and Irving have a lot to offer on offense, but what they lack most is the ability to play defense and comb the floor.Simmons is the perfect complement to this combination, consolidating the team’s basic defensive floor while maximizing its offensive capabilities.Of course, if Simmons is as bad on the court as he was in the playoffs last season, the team could be in for a rough ride, given Durant’s injury and Irving’s current situation.