Three of the sky flow boutique novels, late at night to brush a few times, the stars have become bright

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Hello, I am Cang Yiwei.Today, I would like to recommend three fine novels to you.Evolution without Phase, Ning Yuyue, 3.27 million words, finished.Introduce: Qin Changfeng, a man, face white……Scorpion!Being forced to trade ten worlds of ordinariness for a chance to become strong, entering the ultimate tower of trials, unlocking the talent of no form that can merge skills.From then on: in feidao, he is the brother who intersects with Li Xunhuan and ALfei…Wine and beauty, flying knives and heavy arrows, such as no false hair!In Aliens, he was the messenger of hell…Clan destruction, alien pet eggs, killing evolution!Wonderful clip: Qin Changfeng side run frantically, side with only a little heart dark scold more than.Actually, before 3 hours, he still is in capacious and bright home, blowing air conditioning, drinking the coke of ice, playing jedi to live, soon be about to eat chicken, however sudden computer one black, be replaced by the writing of a few lines of strange: mole ant, with you 10 times ordinary exchange for a strong opportunity, agree?There are two options, but one is yes and the other is yes!Is that a choice?Qin Changfeng can only say nothing.”Not selected within the specified time, the selected person agrees by default, transmission begins…”The Dark Shop of the Lord God, once upon a time, 1.84 million words, has come to an end.Introduce: Chu River obtained a fragmentary advocate god, opened his black shop career.”Lord God, when I die please scatter my ashes in the sea.””Why?””Even if I’m dead.”This is the story of the trading heavens, a rogue businessman’s road.Life and death look pale, refuse to do!!His name is Chu He and he is the owner of the shop.The store had been open for a month, but by the end of the month, not a single business had been done.These days is to eat steamed bread every day, drink water, mouth are fast fade out of the bird.”It’s a shame that I’m in such a mess, being a time-traveler with a goldfinger.”Yes, Chu River is a traveler.It had been a month since he had crossed into this strange world, and he had become familiar with it.In this world, Wudao is respected, powerful wudao practitioners turn over the sky and fall to the sea, boxing broken mountains, and even very long life expectancy, living hundreds of years is not a problem, is a pure world of high martial arts.Take StarCraft with you, Brute force vs. A, 6.56 million words, done.Introduce: one awakens, Tang Fang passes through the xinghe age after 253, become soldier of cannon fodder of a front.He found himself carrying around a triad base from the real-time strategy game StarCraft 2.He was even more ecstatic to be able to summon combat units built in the game space.The zerg.Nestbug Lord, Thunderbeast…Terran.Banshees, battlecruisers…Protoss.Dark Templars, aircraft carriers…Watch Tang Fang lead his fleet of three races, shaking the starry sky and trembling the galaxy.Highlight: Tang Fang gasped, unable to understand that one moment he was banging against the ceiling on the sickroom bed, the next moment he was here, and what’s more disgusting is that he even brought his leg injury with him.Straighten up and tried to rub a foot forward, I wanted to catch a flashlight to look around the environment, who wanted to touch it with his hand, this just found where is what flashlight, it is clearly a gun.Tang Fang was really taken aback, but when he grasped the gun and pulled it, a scene appeared under the lamplight that made his anal hair fly from the bottom of his butt ditch.Dead bodies, insect corpses, dense, hundreds of them.Writing is not easy, and to do and cherish.My name is Cang Yiwei. I bring salt for “The Whispering of Cang shi”.Welcome to Book Review Land.