When a woman gets HPV, does it have to be her partner who’s cheating?It’s not the only way. Pay attention every day

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The popularity of cervical cancer vaccine, so that many women began to wake up.Around the age of 30, women often enter a period of high risk for HPV infection.The risk of HPV infection is higher in women who have sex, with 70 to 80 per cent of women having been infected with the virus, which many define as having an “unclean” partner.Is a woman infected with HPV necessarily cheating on her partner?Not long ago, a netizen left a message on the background, saying that he and his boyfriend have been together for several years, his body has no problem.Later get along for a long time, oneself was detected HPV virus infection.She began to suspect that he had no contact with other men, in personal hygiene is also more attention, is not his boyfriend in the outside “mess”, the virus brought back?Faced with such conjecture, it is difficult to answer.We cannot judge a person’s moral behavior.But there’s a scientific way to think about it.First of all, it’s important to understand how HPV gets infected.Under WHO research, HPV is transmitted most directly and efficiently through skin-to-skin contact.HPV can spread when a woman’s perineum comes into contact with the virus.Here you can summarize the following situations, women can be infected with HPV virus, might as well check yourself.Direct contact with the skin of someone infected with HPV can lead to viral infection;Use other people’s used towels, bath towels, sheets and other personal items, may also cause infection;Health care personnel in contact with HPV infected body fluids, blood may also be due to inadequate protection caused by infection;Women can also be infected with HPV if their partners are not regular.This is one of the main ways HPV is transmitted;HPV is transmitted from mother to child.When pregnant women are infected with HPV, they can also give birth to their children with HPV.As you can see, sex is not the only way to spread HPV.When you find yourself infected with HPV, you can check yourself for high-risk behaviors that are not at high risk of transmitting the virus, but shouldn’t be dismissed.The question of whether there is a moral dimension to a partner is harder to answer here.After infection with HPV virus, will you get cancer?As we all know, high HPV infection is likely to become a major cause of cervical cancer, the vast majority of cervical cancer patients have or have been infected with HPV virus.But not all people infected with HPV develop cancer.Because HPV can also be classified as low risk and high risk.For example, low-risk HPV virus may only cause some lesions such as warts, and is also expected to be cured after timely treatment.Some patients are even able to recover from HPV infection with their own immunity.This is also a relatively common situation.Cervical cancer can only occur if you are infected with some of the high-risk TYPES of HPV, and because they cause inflammation and go untreated for a long time, they continue to cause damage to your health.To avoid this, start with regular cervical cancer screening.TCT screening every three years is recommended for women over the age of 21, and TCT and HPV infection every five years after the age of 30.Can better screen the body whether infection with HPV virus.If no lesions are found by age 65, screening can be suspended.Women should keep their eyes open and be suspicious of HPV infection, but not let it go.Timely treatment, but also timely rid of adverse factors.Reference: 1, infected with HPV, on behalf of unclean behavior or cheating?These “bumps” on the skin may be related to HPV infection.3. It is the only cancer with a clear cause and can remain dormant in women for up to 10 years