The Croatian Olympic Committee wishes the Beijing Winter Olympics every success

2022-05-29 0 By

Zagreb, February 2 (Xinhua)Ioc President of Croatia matei sand and Chinese ambassador to Croatia’s forward 2 in Croatia in the mainstream media’s morning paper published jointly signed article “Beijing Olympics powerfully promote the cooperation between the two countries and the friendship between people, to wish a great success of the Beijing Olympics, wish the athletes brave success at the Beijing Olympics, Croatia wishes in g friendship lasts and never dies.The article pointed out that all preparations have been made for the Upcoming Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Beijing will become the first Olympic city in history to host both the Summer and winter Olympics.In addition to the impressive competition venues, the cozy winter Olympic village and the modern Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, all venues will be powered by 100% green and clean electricity for the first time.China will deliver on its promise to deliver a simple, safe and splendid Olympic Games to the world.The article holds that sports are the common language of mankind that transcends national boundaries and different civilizations, and the spirit of sports is to exercise the body and deepen the friendship among people of all countries.The INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee added “more United” to the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.”Greater solidarity” is what is most needed in our times. It is better for all countries to share a big boat for a better future than to be in more than 190 small boats.The article reviewed the achievements of sports exchanges and cooperation between China and Croatia in recent years, saying that sports cooperation has deepened the understanding and friendship between the two peoples. The hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will not only drive the development of China’s ice and snow sports industry, but also bring new opportunities for The economic development of Croatia.(after)