Xingtai Art Article no.12: The Story of Repairing the City in Shunde Mansion by Wang Zu in Ming Dynasty

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In the Ming Dynasty, shunde was the birthplace of wang Zu, the ancient State of Xing, the state where Shang Zu Yi moved, and changshan land of Julu han dynasty.Guangyan Pingkuang, for the field of a hundred battles.Taihang winding habitability, broken foothills can be defended, and battlements of the city.Sui “map by” that: Built by Shiller, jianping city.Shen Cunzhong said: Guo Jinzhu.Xingzhou thick 60 zhang, call lie cattle city, is the ancient and modern male town, still yi.Zhou decline, for the Red Dishen owned.The Eastern Jin dynasty was ruled by qunhu.After the Southern Song dynasty, it was jin and Yuan.I high emperor clearance world, northern Hebei Pleiades complex for the name of the region.The emperor dingding jian Pole, mi You li hub, Yi said Gi-fu.Is therefore xing in office, since ancient times, re-entry, I especially heavy, potential zai.The city has four doors, but the old one has two.Tianshun, the county Jining Yang Jun on the floor.Chenghua, shou Lin Jun yi battlement junhuang, regulation quite ready.Jiajing changed the yuan, king Of Hongnong 倅 Yuan built it one after another, and used the remaining soil as a dike to divide two rivers.Dazhong Cheng yi Zhang gongxing contact, that is, county: fengmen, 100 rock ring arch, turbid zhang, sand river jin belt, throat orifice, and guhumi to area.Can not be such as battlements of ji, helpless regard security as pass, accident huanFu police, so that the station proud.Resolutely with sparse, please easy masonry.Up and down, such as public debate, the valuation fee of 49,000 more than three years.To you king, time Hua you right admonish, guard and build.Will be the time of famine epidemic, the dead, but without the letter, dregs grain yu, various advice, advocates of the letter, county court lost millet, with the road, and delayed the doctor to cook medicine, travel committee lane, all can not liveLiving in no, and labor, jun is to seek a friend, as one of the subordinates of the city, gallant with the plan, to the grief yan, the way is the county disaster to stop financial resources, xu exhaustion, and for the county people of the shape of yongli, zhuhao long inspired, each other MAO on the alert, and the nine county magistrate each strict supervision and nuclear comprehensive, li detail should.Service is also the body of your heart, poor day and night, and a whole body, the child is also.The work began in the first month of wanli ten years, until the following April, and the cold and summer tillage, quit in the work, only in October ear.As the original limit, the province two years in February.He spent about 45,000 dollars, saving more than 3,800 dollars according to his original estimate.Around the city, there are thirteen miles of wonder, with a height of three zhangs of wonder, with a breadth of five zhangs of wonder.Lou Lu Jun Li, battlements chong Yan, enemy police shop, chess scale times.Father surprised, six counties, mo or more than also.On the completion of the day, to be reported to the governor of Qingjiang, in the county office and the ting is floating light, Chen Jun escape punishment south Yunnan, things ended north.Jun Zhang Banquet set up the floor of the west corner of le City, by battlement overlooking, Taihang zhufeng, competing for qi Jingxiu, cui Liu a few seats.Four hope residual arrowheads, atlanticum fire is gloomy.Peep is steep class cut iron, firm not allow cone, and deep pool around, potential to natural fall.Zhuang zai jin Tang, what on six counties.To footprint a few half a day, only to see the capital and ear.I’m afraid of getting my hands on them, and I’ve been pursuing my wealth and winning through my exercises more than through giving up, and enrolling the spoiled spirits of the state. Fortunately, thanks to the kindness of all the officials and their fathers, I’ve ended the matter and exhausted my energy.Son of its record, so that later, do not fear dredging screen Han three auxiliary, Xingmin descendants is also advantageous zai.To make and sigh: once upon a time, people said that people are difficult and worry about the beginning, and that not hard, not forever.Taste of its words, law Lord will do, that is, big blowing public opinion excluding also.Jun zi’s move, the first thing and fu, chi both made and forget, twice the result with half the effort, all people dare not be.That is, he was sung, 膴 face difficult drama, rather have difficulty zai.Although the past people hebei rescue, 24 tests, shu ling is not easy.Jun Fu Relic xing, all live not tens of thousands of people, Still xi he admire evil.Lord Chen said, “Otherwise, the benefit of a moment’s hair will contribute to the restoration of the city.”Jun old remonstrance minister, will not thin Huaiyang.The prince replied: Yes.Hence its language, le of the city corner, so that successors to test mirror yan.Jun shou cheng, word when, Henan Song County people, longqing Xin not Jinshi.To change the ordinary jishi from the like right to the event, out of the guard is county.The number of servants and servants is recorded by you, but not recorded.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ note: 1, red DiShenShi – the end of the spring and autumn, DE laval xing, after the help of the duke, moved yi xing.After that, Xing was destroyed by Wei and transferred to Jin. The sorcerer of Shen and Xia Ji went to Jin from Chu and was conferred the title of Xing Bo (Hou).2, Pleiades – according to ancient astrology, Shunde house for “Yu Gong” Jizhou domain, the corresponding starry sky for Pleiades two-star domain, from the stomach four degrees to bi six degrees.3, County Jining Yang Jun – Ming Yingzong Tianshun four years (1460), Shunde government magistrate Yang Hao rebuilt four doors, east chaoyang, west fu ‘an, south Tongyuan, north Gongchen.4. Lin Jun — In 1485, When Lin Gong was appointed as the governor of Shunde Prefecture in the Ming Dynasty, he expanded the city wall by building four more castle towers, walking along the arrow Tower and building three stone Bridges outside the three gates of east and south. The title was changed to Hongji Gate in the east, Lai Xun Gate in the south, Yilxiu Gate in the west and Chengen Gate in the north.5. Wang Jun — In the first year of Jiajing of Ming Dynasty (1522), Wang Yanzhong, the chief official of Shunde Mansion at that time, rebuilt the city.6, Wang Jun-Ming Wanli ten years (1582), Wang Shoucheng, the governor of the county, added the brick stone, around 13 li 20 zhang, stone base 1 zhang high, brick surface 3 zhang 5 feet high, more than 6 zhang thick, and in 4 corners 4 doors added 3 horse road.The name of the east gate is Wang Qi, the name of the south gate is Shubin, the name of the West gate is GUI ‘an, and the name of the north gate is Guo Shi.Fengmen Baiyan – Fengmen Mountain, historical records :” Longgang fengmen Mountain, winter and summer windy.”Baiyan Mountain: historical records :” Longgang county has baiyan Mountain in the northwest, its mountain precipitous, there are baiyan for the name.”History of Ming wanli shunde house repair city god of the eleventh year of wanli (1583) in the first month, in shunde office magistrate Wang Shoucheng abbot, shunde fucheng started large-scale construction and renovation, xiaohong, from shunde government funds 49090 two silver city, engineering first transfer original package rammed earth wall surface and lay outside the wall foundation stone of weathering and moisture resistance stronger.The second is to increase the city wall from the original “nine li 30 paces” to “thirteen li 20 zhang”.The third is to build a floor police shop, in the four corners of the road.The fourth dredged the city god, making it deeper and wider, and built a wall on the embankment.Then Shunde Official Wang Xuanhua planted thousands of willow trees.New Shunde Fucheng Zhou 13 li 20 zhang.East, west, north and south four gates each four heavy, and a small north gate, a total of 17 gates, the city wall built gate tower 4, 14 jianlou, turret 4, a total of gate tower, Kuixing tower, jianlou, turret 27.This construction confirmed the final state of shunde Prefecture. In the hundreds of years since then, Xingtai City has undergone several maintenance, but small-scale reconstruction was carried out on the basis of the city.Wang Zu Lineal (1531-1592), styled Yinchang, also known by his literary name Shizhu, was born in Xinyang (now Xinyang, Henan) of the Ming Dynasty. He was a famous scholar in the middle and late Ming Dynasty.In the family of a warrior.Due to the efforts of his ancestors, he was finally awarded the high school entrance examination at the age of 27.Until the age of 41, he began to enter the middle school.Be elected as ordinary Jishi, award academician courtyard review.Wanli four years, the imperial court to rebuild the “Daming code,” zuan gengguan repair.Nine years, fengzhao management civil servants imperial orders.Soon moved to the country.Sixteen years, rising department by the bureau wash horse and hanlin courtyard repair zuan.Then move right spring square right concubine son and academician courtyard to read.Wanli twenty years in October died of illness in his hometown Xinyang.Ancestors of literature and art out of life, for lv Wenjian gong and other people.I had the deepest relationship with brother Wang Shizhen.There are “Teacher Bamboo Hall collection” 37 volumes handed down.