Why do millions of people go hungry when GDP per capita is around $40,000?Britain faces a cost-of-living crisis

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The UK is a developed country with a per capita GDP of about $40,000 in 2021.By definition, the British people should be very happy, with plenty to eat and clothes to wear.But that’s not the case.More than a million people in the UK went hungry last month, according to new Revelations from a charity.Food shortages loom large because Britain is experiencing a “cost of living crisis”.UK inflation continues to rise and will peak at 7.25 in April, according to data released by the Bank of England.Generally speaking, inflation of 3 per cent is a reasonable range, above which there is a problem.It is clear that the UK’s inflation problem has reached a very serious level.As well as high inflation, Britain faces an energy crisis.Millions of British families are facing a sharp increase in financial pressure as energy prices soar.Gas and electricity bills are set to rise by £700 a year from April, with 5m households trapped in “fuel poverty”.More than 20 per cent of Britons are unable to afford both food and shelter, according to a survey by charity UK.If you want to heat your home, you have to pay for it. In order to pay for it, you have to reduce the quantity and quality of food.Britain plans to spend 12 billion pounds to tackle the problems it faces.Of this, more than £1,000 a year will go to the average working family.Britain has also set aside £9 billion to protect people from rising energy prices.As a developed country, Britain is generally doing well.However, due to the stagnation of human development and the absence of a new technological revolution, many Western countries, including the UK, are stuck in a rut and cannot achieve a big breakthrough.The PER capita GDP of the U.K., Germany, France, and Italy is hovering around $40,000, making it difficult to overcome the current level.In this context, there was a global “black Swan event” that did great damage to the UK.The outbreak, in particular, has devastated the British economy because it has not been brought under control.From a Western perspective, only America’s GDP per head is rising.America is a nation of immigrants, people from all over the world come to America.They contributed their ingenuity to keep American technology moving forward.Overall, however, human technology has stagnated and reached a bottleneck.Without the advent of new technology and new materials, it is difficult to achieve take-off and breakthrough in the economic field.(Post/Twitter)