Jilin city pushed the vegetable supply chain to resume operation as soon as possible

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Jilin, March 31 (Reporter Cangyan Shi Hongyu) From Jilin City, Jilin Province on March 31, the reporter learned that the local 150 firefighters carried out a comprehensive elimination of northeast Asia agricultural products wholesale market,The local vegetable supply chain will resume operations as soon as possible.From 00:00 to 24:00 on March 30, jilin City reported 333 new locally confirmed cases.A total of 408 asymptomatic domestic infections were reported.The situation remains grim and complex.Jilin Northeast Asia Wholesale Agricultural products Market is responsible for 90% of the local vegetable, grain, oil and other food supply. However, it has been affected by the current outbreak and is currently in a state of suspension. Normal operation can only be carried out after comprehensive elimination and testing.Firefighters from jilin City fire rescue detachment wear protective equipment and enter the market to carry out elimination work in an orderly manner at 15:00 on The 30th.Be in the light of place property, this eliminate kill a job cent is terminal disinfection, preventive disinfection and external environment disinfection.It is reported that the final disinfection sites are areas where positive cases have worked and lived, including accommodation areas, dining areas and temporary isolation sites.At the scene, firefighters used electric sprayers to disinfect surfaces and medical waste bags to pack and transfer soaked cotton supplies and vegetables.After four disinfection steps, firefighters completed the final disinfection of more than 51,000 square meters.Jilin City fire rescue detachment provided the map for the comprehensive elimination of northeast Asia Wholesale market of agricultural products, jilin City fire rescue detachment completed the elimination task of agricultural trade trading area, storage area, temporary isolation point and other areas of more than 77,000 square meters until 2 o ‘clock on March 31.It is also learned that after the northeast Asia Wholesale agricultural products Market in Jilin City was closed, a temporary vegetable and fruit trading center was set up in no. 30 Middle School to ensure the smooth transportation, storage and safety of vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and milk and other daily necessities.(after)