IPhone13 or iPhone12Pro, the owner of the mobile phone store gives advice

2022-06-08 0 By

When it comes to smart phones, many people still prefer to buy the latest models on the market, on the one hand, because they have the latest technology and processing performance, on the other hand, because all aspects of the old models are also a little out of date, of course, in view of the current situation of a new processor for this smart phone every year.However, for iPhone, many people will choose the previous generation of flagship to buy, after all, the price has come down, the performance is not low, and even can fight with the current Android flagship back and forth.Therefore, after the release of the iPhone 13 series, many people pay attention to the iPhone 12 series instead, because the official price reduction, e-commerce platform also followed the price reduction, this time the cost performance comes.But the iPhone 13 series not only boosted the starting memory to 128GB, but also lowered the price. Here’s an example:With the 64GB iPhone 12 priced at 6,299 yuan and the 128GB iPhone 13 priced at 5,999 yuan, consumers have made their own choice, and many apple fans are calling it “Thirteen Incense.”The iPhone 13 has consistently outsold the iPhone 12 series on e-commerce platforms, despite the fact that the bangs have shrunk by 20% and the rear camera module has changed from a vertical array to a symmetrical lens.However, with the price cut of the iPhone 12 Pro series, many people are beginning to look like the top-tier flagship of the previous generation. After all, the iPhone 13 upgrades are mainly focused on the Pro, namely the 120Hz high brush and full health A15 processor.Why bother?The reason is that the symmetrical lens of iPhone 13 is designed because the displacement sensor of iPhone 12 Pro is placed down on iPhone 13, which leads to the larger camera components, so the symmetrical lens arrangement is chosen.As for the excessive performance of mobile phones, the A14 bionic chip carried by iPhone 12 Pro and the A15 chip on iPhone 13 actually have good performance, and the A15 chip on iPhone 13 lacks a GPU core, which is called “residual blood version”. Of course, in practical experience,They don’t have to be that different.So for iPhone fans torn between the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 13, the owner of the store said: “You can make a choice in three aspects: photo, storage, and price.Many netizens also said: very pertinent!For one thing, the iPhone 12 Pro has a telephoto lens, which naturally makes it more capable of taking pictures, while the iPhone 13 is still slightly inferior.The iPhone 13 has 4GB of storage, while the iPhone 12 Pro has 6GB. Of course, this is different from Android, where 8GB is the base.But even for Apple, the bigger the better, after all, many mobile games occupy more and more of the operational storage, 4GB gradually can not carry, for those who do not play large mobile games may be a little better.Third, in terms of price alone, the price of iPhone 12 Pro has dropped from 8,499 yuan to less than 6,000 yuan.It is almost the same as the iPhone 13, so if you have higher demand for photos and transportation, you can consider it.And for mobile phone operating storage is not so much requirements, in fact, you can consider the battery life and stronger performance of the iPhone 13, after all, A15 bionic chip is still good, plus the new use of 5G baseband is not the same, using Qualcomm X60 baseband signal will be a little better.Overall, both iphones have been reduced in price and are worth buying. The iPhone 13 is a good choice if the camera and performance requirements are not so high, but for apple fans who like to take photos and play games, the iPhone 12 Pro is also a good choice for now.