Travelers have been on the move during the Spring Festival holiday

2022-06-11 0 By

Five days before the Spring Festival holiday, the cultural and tourism industry in Deyang was on duty strictly to ensure the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control and safe production.The cultural tourism industry in Deyang is well-ordered, and there are busy cultural travelers everywhere. They stick to their posts and provide enthusiastic services to ensure tourists’ safe, relaxed and happy travel.To strengthen organizational leadership and consolidate work responsibilities, meetings were held several times before the Festival to study the city’s cultural and tourism holiday work during the 2022 Spring Festival holiday.Set issued the deyang city tourism cultural radio and television and carry out the work of the general supervision of the lunar New Year holiday in 2022 about the notice regarding the deyang city cultural radio and television and tourism in 2022 lunar New Year holiday of the city’s culture and tourism holiday market work notice file, such as text brigade in the city to the Spring Festival vacation holiday work for careful arrangement deployment.Information such as “Warm Tips for Safe Travel during the 2022 Spring Festival”, “Please Choose legitimate Travel Agencies” and “Warm Tips for epidemic prevention and control in the cultural and tourism industry” have been released to guide people to travel in a comfortable, healthy and civilized manner.In accordance with the working mode of “bureau leaders guide districts and counties, departments to contact industries, and specially-assigned persons to package places”, the bureau leaders lead relevant staff to on-site supervision, listen to reports, check materials and other ways before the festival.For the city’s tourism industry to carry out the disease prevention and control measures, safety production and fire control safety and risk prevention, forest fire prevention, and so on and so forth are the key supervision, 24 passengers dispatched inspectors, comprehensive supervision feedback problems listing 6 pieces, found that all kinds of problems in 15, suggest work more than 10, which ensure that the travel industry measures put in place, the rectification in place.During the Spring Festival, 685 inspectors were dispatched to inspect 297 cultural and tourism enterprises.Including entertainment, Internet cafes, 110 times, 66 times the scenic area 22 times, cultural relic unit five times, travel agencies and their branch offices, 14 times on tour business unit 59 times, network cultural business unit 1 2 times, production and business operation entity, performance place 1 times and other 17 times, find the epidemic problem 2, 1 a safe hidden trouble,All have been corrected on site.Up to now, the city’s cultural travel market has received a report of complaints, no safety accidents, fake Japanese travel market order.-END-