After February, love can be assured, no longer worry about gains and losses of the four signs, firmly hold true love

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Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Sagittarius is not sure whether the person he loves is right or wrong, so he will suffer a lot of trouble and frustration in love.However, after February, all the trust will come back to him, and the example he sets will make Sagittarius completely secure in love. No worries and disappointments, hold Sagittarius’s true love, make him hold his hand firmly and never let go.Capricorn is a very careful person.Sometimes Capricorn can be a little too careful.At work, Capricorn’s style is also down-to-earth.Capricorn doesn’t agree with radical approaches, and Capricorn doesn’t want to try anything without faith.So in love, Capricorn gets hurt, Capricorn worries, Capricorn is afraid of getting hurt, Capricorn will refuse to start, and Capricorn always thinks that if he doesn’t start his relationship, he won’t get hurt.Capricorn’s idea is simple, but it’s not the way to stop worrying completely.Running away from your feelings is not the best solution.Capricorn will fall in love sooner or later, and he can’t keep running away.So instead of not starting, the Capricorn has to do how to stay injury-free.True love comes after February when magpies are busy.This time Capricorn is not running away, Capricorn is willing to try, Capricorn is willing to let go of previous prejudices and work on emotional problems when they arise, rather than thinking that the separation will never happen again.When Capricorn finds a way to fight in his emotions, Capricorn’s emotions are no longer confused.Pisces takes care of your own needs before you meet someone special.Pisces feels that his feelings are the most important.Pisces is not a bad person to themselves.However, when you meet someone, you start to put your own needs behind your partner’s and your relationship becomes more important.You feel that you are attracted, and this is when you shift your focus of life to your partner.Pisces is very aware of what’s going on in your partner’s life and wants your partner to do things his way.But when a person gets too much attention, when he has no choice, when he can’t do what he wants to do, he will direct his complaints at Pisces.This is how conflict in a relationship is created.After February, the peach blossoms continue and good luck returns.This is why your lover broke up with you.Can deep love be the cause of a breakup?Pisces doesn’t want to.Pisces is dumbfounded when she hears that her ex doesn’t want such deep love.The former looked at the peach blossom refused to fall, thinking of the current outcome of the Pisces relationship is not only the Pisces problem, he also has a problem.Ex finally wakes up.If I could make Pisces feel more at ease, Pisces would not be what they are now.My ex is willing to work with Pisces again, and the old love affair is likely to continue.Virgos are very active.They don’t like to be seen as bad, so they work very hard to be good.In addition, Virgos can be extremely demanding of themselves.They don’t like things about themselves that others find annoying.In fact, most of the time, Virgos live only for the eyes of others.They can’t be themselves.Virgos love each other, so they lose themselves even more.They jump into each other’s bodies and worry about each other’s business, but never about themselves.Deep love is home.They just want to have a happy home with each other.After February in Virgo, the seeds of love, ritual is like a dream, deeply in love, weal and woe together.Long press the bottom of the “like” to pick up the fu Luo ~ today xiaobian said here!