Tomorrow qingming, remember “4 things do not eat, 3 things do not do”, family less sick, comfortable spring

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Tomb-sweeping Day is the fifth solar term in the 24 solar terms. It is originated from the ancient beliefs of our ancestors and the customs of Spring Festival. It is both natural and cultural.As the Qingming Festival comes, it reminds me of the Qingming Festival written by du Mu, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty.”The qingming Festival rains, pedestrians on the road to death”, this poem means “Qingming festival, the weather is changeable, sometimes the spring is bright, red and green flowers, sometimes drizzle, continuous”, so in the Qingming festival to go home to worship ancestors or family gatherings, we still need to pay attention to food and clothing.For example, before and after qingming Festival this year, we must remember “4 things do not eat, 3 things do not do”, only do these 7 things, the family can be less sick, comfortable throughout the spring.A, don’t eat cold food in the tomb-sweeping day, many people go out for an outing, ancestor worship, travel, because of the long walk and the sun, make the body feeling fever, at a time when many people in order to alleviate hot, can eat all kinds of cold drinks, actually in the tomb-sweeping day, we must not be casually drinks iced drinks, fruit and so on food, because the tomb-sweeping day, Yang is a good time,If you eat too much cold food, your spleen and stomach will become worse, which will lead to decreased appetite and resistance. Therefore, Master Hu suggests that during the Qingming Festival, you should try to eat more fruits and drink more tea at room temperature, such as horseshoe, banana, honeysuckle tea, chrysanthemum tea and other foods, because these foods are more conducive to health.The arrival of the two, don’t eat seafood overnight the tomb-sweeping day, we were getting closer from the summer, and as temperatures rise, bacteria reproduction rate will be increased quickly, and put some food a long time, the inside of the bacteria will grow into one hundred times, such as seafood overnight, I suggest that we must not eat, because seafood is high protein food, when bacteria encounter high protein,High protein provides a lot of energy, so that the bacteria can multiply quickly, and eating too much seafood bacteria, it is easy to loose bowels.Three, don’t eat wild vegetables tomb-sweeping day, is a good time to walk, but a lot of people in the outing, saw a lot of vegetables by the side of the road, will the dig home potherb, actually in the plant, although there are a lot of wild vegetables grow very similar, but they are not good, even some wild vegetables also poisonous, so the tomb-sweeping day for an outing, if you can not accurately distinguish potherb,Don’t dig around.If you must dig wild vegetables, it is best to have grandparents and other elders with you to dig.During Qingming Festival, most seasonal vegetables are on the market, such as garlic moss, potatoes, bok choy and so on. They are seasonal vegetables in spring, but some people like to buy vegetables out of season to eat.In fact, in the Tomb-sweeping Day, I suggest that we do not buy off-season vegetables, because these off-season vegetables in the growth, will play growth hormone and pesticides for a long time, so as to promote the growth of vegetables, and this long-term growth hormone and pesticide vegetables, not only taste bad, and children eat for a long time, is not good for the body!A, don’t take off clothes while tomb-sweeping day average temperature at 20 degrees Celsius, but morning and night temperature difference is bigger, so in order to prevent resistance is reduced, when everyone in the tomb-sweeping day, don’t take off your clothes, if very hot at noon, can reduce a garment, such as in the afternoon SiWuDian, need to in a timely manner, only the body is good, can be comfortable in the spring.Two, do not go to the place where the population gathered tomb-sweeping Day, we must not go to the place where the population gathered, because spring is the flu season, if you have a little resistance, it is easy to catch the flu.This is the most important stage in the fight against the epidemic. In order not to bring chaos to the country or make your own life more difficult, you should try not to go to places where people gather.Masks must also be worn when families go for spring outing or worship ancestors.Qingming festival, it is the season of all kinds of flowers, and some people are allergic to pollen, but they do not know, so for their own health, try not to deliberately smell the flowers next to the flowers, as long as 2 meters from the flowers, will not make pollen into our nasal cavity.Tomorrow qingming festival, we must remember “cold food, overnight seafood, unknown wild vegetables, out of season vegetables” these four things do not eat, “take off clothes at will, go to where people gather, do not deliberately smell the flowers” these three things do not do, only in this way, the family can enjoy spring comfortably.Thanks for watching!I wish you all a clear and healthy life!