90.98 points!Jin Boyang perfect play harvest high score, excited tears, CCTV: he came back

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Jin Boyang of China competes in the men’s single short program of figure skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 8, 2008.Kim Boyang played very well and got 90.98 points, temporarily ranking first.After finishing the race, Kim Boyang was in tears. He performed perfectly this time and it was a relief from the pressure.In this Winter Olympics, Kim boyang took part in the team competition and made a mistake in the short program, but still scored 82.87 points, which is also a good result.In the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Kim finished fourth, and in the World Championships, he won a bronze medal, which was also a very good result.In Beijing, his goal is also to stand on the podium.In the short program competition, Jin Boyang performed “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, which was also a very passionate music. Jin Boyang performed very well at the beginning of the movement, which was also a highly difficult movement, including four weeks hook jump, followed by three weeks of outside ice, and the second movement was four weeks of back outside ice, which was also very easy to complete.Next, Jin Boyang’s Axel three weeks is also very good.With the acceleration of the rhythm of the music, Jin Boyang’s play is also very good, very perfect to complete all the action, central TV commentary shouted, Jin Boyang came back, guests have been praised, too great.Jin Boyang’s performance is very perfect, when the next stage, Jin Boyang is almost choked up, 90.98 points, which is also a very high score, ranked the first, congratulations to Jin Boyang, but also look forward to his excellent performance in free skating.