Shandong Museum opens on the third day of the New Year, five theme exhibition routes for you to choose!

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After the closure of the museum from The New Year’s Eve to the second day (January 31 to February 2), shandong Museum will officially open on the third day of the New Year. From the third day of the New Year to the sixth day of the New Year (February 3 to 6), it will normally open from 9:00 to 17:00 (stop admission after 16:00).Those who want to visit the museum can book in advance to visit popular exhibitions such as “Shandong Dragon: Through the Cretaceous” and “Crystal · Color: Exploring the Magical Mineral World”.Together with the most comprehensive overview of shandong Museum holiday exhibition.During the epidemic, you can make an appointment through the wechat account of Shandong Museum or the official website of Shandong Museum. Those who do not make an appointment are not allowed to enter.After the reservation, you can enter the museum with the reservation certificate, valid certificate and health pass code.Minors should be guided by their parents by appointment.During the epidemic prevention and control period, please wear a mask during the whole visit.Do not gather or gather together during the visit, and do not carry out group activities.Visitors should keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people and do not touch the exhibits.② During the epidemic prevention and control period, please cooperate with the staff to take temperature measurement and register real-name before entering the museum. People with normal body temperature can enter the museum.③ During the epidemic prevention and control period, Shandong Museum has suspended the reception of tourist groups, study tour groups organized by schools and buses.Appreciate the cultural exhibition, a long cultural year.In the Spring Festival of the Year of tiger in 2022, Shandong Museum presents a “spiritual and cultural feast” integrating history, art and nature. You are specially invited to taste the profound accumulation and profound deposits of Wangu Qilu.In addition to the existing permanent exhibitions in the museum, Lubo also specially launched two fine cultural relics exhibitions: “A Thousand Years of Time — Oracle Bone Culture Exhibition”, “Jade Runsheng Xiang — Collection of Fine Jade Exhibition”, and two fantastic and cool natural exhibitions: “Shandong Dragon — Through the Cretaceous period” and “Crystal · Color — Exploring the magical Mineral World”.Four new exhibitions welcome the Spring Festival, bringing you unprecedented new experience.In order for everyone to see very much, have fun and learn to understand, based on a rich variety of all kinds of exhibition, the museum of shandong carefully planning the five outstanding theme, distinctive exhibition line, come together to see: view exhibition road line No. 1: “hardcore” line stone stone carvings Time not shandong museum on the first floor hall 1: buddhist statues art no. 2:Han Dynasty portrait art exhibition time flies, the rock without transfer.In the exhibition hall, the stone carvings after vicissitudes of life are a vivid portrayal of social customs and people’s spiritual world at that time.On this route, you can appreciate the unique shandong Buddhist statue art, and also immerse yourself in the world of Han dynasty stone paintings and read the “Historical picture scroll of han Dynasty” carved on the stone.Through their “hardcore” bodies, from the marks cut by knives, we can see the vivid historical and cultural customs of thousands of years ago, and appreciate the charm of Oriental Buddhist rhyme and epic stone.Hall 6, 7, 8: Shandong History and culture Exhibition On the second floor of Shandong Museum Hall 10: Treasures of the King of Lu — Exhibition of fine cultural relics unearthed from the Tomb of Ming Zhu TanShandong is one of the important cradles of Chinese civilization. From remote prehistory, mysterious Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, powerful Qin and Han dynasties to the prosperous Ming and Qing Dynasties, for thousands of years, countless inspiring figures and magnificent stories on this vast land have jointly interpreted the grand history of Qilu.A large number of precious cultural relics were unearthed from the tomb of Zhu Tan, the first king of Lu of the Ming Dynasty, including crown accessories, furniture and clothing, ink and paper, inkstone, qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, and painted wooden figurines…The luxurious and complete funerary articles are the true epitome of the royal life, and also reflect the superb craftsmanship and prosperous economy and culture in the early Ming Dynasty.Knowledge of the past to mirror the present, chasing and thinking.On this route, follow the river of time, through dynasties, historical changes, from the rich cultural relics on display, trace the continuity of history, appreciate the profound and profound unique charm of Qilu civilization.No.3: “Art” line Oracle bone jade, landscape porcelain rhyme Shandong Museum, Second floor, Hall 9: A thousand years — Oracle Bone Culture Exhibition Hall 9: Jade Embellishing fragrance — Collection of fine Jade Exhibition Hall 11: Landscape clear sound — Landscape painting exhibition in the early Qing Dynasty, Hall 12:Porcelain · Rhyme — The oracle bones collected in the Ming and Qing dynasties porcelain exhibition more than 3,000 years ago are the source of Chinese characters and the roots of excellent Traditional Chinese culture;The gentle and elegant jade articles embody the craftsman’s skill and wisdom and the literati’s aesthetic taste.In this “literary style” full route, trace the evolution of Chinese characters, explore the genes of Chinese civilization;Interpret the rich function and unique connotation of jade, meet the ancient literati elegant spiritual life.On this “literary” route, you can stroll among landscape paintings in the early Qing Dynasty, enjoy the quiet sounds of landscape paintings and appreciate the competition of different painting schools.You can also taste the charm of Ming and Qing dynasties porcelain, encounter more than 160 pieces of Ming and Qing imperial porcelain, fully appreciate the beauty of Chinese ceramic art.Shangdong Museum, Hall 14, 3rd Floor, Shangdong Museum, Shangdong Museum, Shandong Province, Shandong Province, Shandong Province, Shandong Province, Shandong Province, Shandong Province, Shandong Province, Shandong Province, Shandong ProvinceFrom the discovery and excavation of Chengziya in Zhangqiu, Shandong archaeology has always occupied an important position in the country, and has achieved many significant archaeological achievements, and has excavated and protected rich historical relics.Enter the “archaeology” route, understand the real archaeological knowledge, follow the development course of Shandong archaeology, search for cultural remains like stars, trace back thousands of years, long standing Qilu culture.Shandong Museum, 3rd Floor, Exhibition Hall 16, 17: The Great Migration of African Wildlife Exhibition Hall 18: Shandong Dragon — Through the Cretaceous Period Hall 19: Crystal · Color — To explore the magical mineral world Hall 20: Three thousand Exquisite — China Marine Shellfish Exhibition Presents the New Year, surprise!On this route, Shandong Museum has prepared a rich “grand finale” for visitors. Two new exhibitions, “Shandong Dragon — Through the Cretaceous period” and “Crystal · Color — Exploring the magical mineral World”, have been officially opened on January 26.You can walk into the cretaceous of the original Shandong province, a glimpse of all kinds of dinosaur bones and fossil elegant demeanor, know the names of dinosaurs, characteristics and habits of life, immersive experience of the prehistoric giant animal domineer and power;Also can enter special realm, appreciate the beauty of the mineral of colorful, time overflow, look for the reason of mineral, the strange of mineral prospecting, learn about mineral popular science small knowledge.Through the exhibition of “nature” route, you can fly your soul in the beautiful world, or wander in the rivers, grasslands, deserts and other natural landscapes of the African continent, learn about African wildlife living in different environments, and witness the wonders of life along the vast migration road.Or revel in countless shellfish spirits rippling in the boundless blue waves, and take photos in the sea-themed shell starry sky with a clock-in point to feel the dream and wonder of “the treasure of the sea”.From the fantasy of the ancient dinosaur world hundreds of millions of years ago, to the crystal color of minerals tempered by endless years;From the wild beauty of the great migration of wild animals on the vast African savannah to the exquisite appearance of 3,000 shellfish in the mysterious ocean world…Distant and colorful world, do here square inch frame.In today’s society, visiting a museum has become a new fashionable and tasteful vacation option.During the Spring Festival, unlock N kinds of exhibition routes, appreciate cultural relics, read history, see the world, shandong Museum with you to enjoy a cultural taste of the New Year.(Photography by Zhou Kun and Li Bo)