The car caught fire on the highway, the traffic police sprint 100 meters to put out the fire, or the car disappeared

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Yangtse Evening News high net (correspondent Zhang Lei reporter gao Feng) February 8 evening, a car in huai Xu highway in the car suddenly spontaneous combustion, fortunately by suqian traffic police high speed four brigade police timely found disposal, did not cause major losses.Police with a fire extinguisher on vehicle fires to put out the same day night 8 PM, suqian police the fourth group incident patrol squadron mid-team leader sun bo to huai yanghe xu high-speed service area north district, found from the main line into the service area of the KX1 su * * car hood before fug-belching, and car parts open flames, near vehicles have fled.As soon as the driver stopped the car, he ran away for help.Seeing this, Sun Bo took out a fire extinguisher from the police car and rushed to the burning vehicle to carry out rescue operations. The open fire was quickly put out.In order to prevent the vehicle reignite, Sun Bo continued to use auxiliary police sent buckets of water, fire extinguishers and other tools to “reinforce” the fire.After intensive and orderly rescue work, the fire was effectively brought under control and no major damage was caused to vehicles.Driver qiu introduced that he was from Zhanjiang to Xinyi, the vehicle drove to the yanghe toll station near, smell a burnt smell, driving a few minutes later, the hood of the vehicle suddenly smoke, when just to the entrance of the service area, put the vehicle into the service area.Qiu said, did not expect their car just stopped, the police with a fire extinguisher rushed over, if they had not arrived in time to put out the fire, the car would have been gone.It is understood that the fire vehicle is caused by a short circuit in the circuit wiring, fortunately, because of the timely rescue did not cause casualties and major property losses.In this regard, the police remind, the majority of driver friends to regularly check the vehicle, strengthen daily maintenance, the car should always have a fire extinguisher, so as to be prepared.Proofreading faye wong