Today, the beginning of spring!Are you ready?

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Once again, everything new!The Chinese zodiac culture takes the beginning of spring as the boundary. Yesterday, it was still sad and ugly. Today, after the beginning of spring, it officially opens the Year of Yin tiger.Tiger, tiger, tiger, tiger.The Beijing Winter Olympics also begin on the start of Spring day!The start of Spring in 2022:4:50.36 on February 4, the fourth day of the first lunar month in the year of Renyin.The ancient Chinese believed that spring was the key to a year’s plan.The five elements of the beginning of Spring contain the energy that affects the whole year.The year of the tiger spring horoscope: nonyl Yin Nonyl Yin month, E son, JiaYin when the ratio of the five elements of basic water fire and earth: Kim: zero wood: four water: three fire: zero soil: (1) the spring begins eight words, the five elements of water hua qing wood, wood and water ratio of the energy the most, but the air-dried e soil, relatively weak, so you need to use fire generates, purple is the lucky color.Bucket handle refers to the east, the world is spring.”The east for spring, spring, also, out of all things also.”Spring is a season of hope.Start of Spring, the first of the 24 solar terms, is the starting point of new hope for the New Year.”On the first day of spring, I entered the court to congratulate you.”In 104 BC, Liu Che, emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, at the suggestion of Sima Qian and others, revised the calendar and promulgated the “Tai Chu Calendar”, which included the 24 solar terms in the calendar for the first time, starting with the first month of the Lunar calendar.Taichu Calendar calls a solar year taiji.Taiji gives birth to two instruments (the first and second half of the year), two instruments give birth to four symbols (spring, summer, autumn and winter), and the four symbols give birth to eight trigram (Zhen, Li, dui, gan, Xun, Kan, gen and kun), corresponding to the four symbols and two equinox of a year — the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer, the beginning of autumn, the beginning of winter, and the vernal equinox, the autumn equinox, the summer solstice and the winter Solstice…It can be seen that the eight diagrams, the 24 solar terms and the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are divided in this way.In ancient times, there were five pentads and three pentads, with a total of 72 pentads in 24 solar terms.The three pentads of the beginning of spring are “the first pentad dongfeng thaw, the second pentad jellyfish began to vibrate, the third pentad fish ice”.Astrology and numerology are based on the sun’s energy and its gravitational pull on the Earth, which affects weather, biology, and mood.Through big data accumulation, the ancients have mastered the relevant laws and a set of strict algorithms.For example, from the start of spring to predict the New Year’s agricultural harvest and so on.Ancient books in the “account for the beginning of spring” formula: riches and honour in god, ten years closely linked, but look at the beginning of spring, a and b is a good harvest, bing Ding partial drought, Wu Ji good harvest, Geng Xin people frequently, Liu GUI water every day.The start of spring in 2022 is the “Wu Zi Day”, praying for peace, longevity and prosperity.