Plant protection drones are in high demand, and users will prefer these products in 2021

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In recent years, the market of plant protection UAV is hot. Plant protection UAV products can be said to be a few agricultural machinery on the market that attracts increasing attention from users.They can be seen in fields, orchards, tea gardens, etc. All over the country, the purchase subsidy pilot of plant protection UAV is constantly carried out, and its market shows explosive growth, and has always maintained a strong demand.According to the statistics of network user visits in 2021, by December 31, 2021, a total of 138,000 users had visited plant protection UAV products. According to the monthly trend chart of attention of plant protection UAV products in 2021, users paid more attention from March to August.In particular, July saw the highest user visits.In 2021, attention regions of plant protection UAV are distributed in the area of users. In 2021, Heilongjiang province is the most concerned region for plant protection UAV products, with 15,000 followers, and Xinjiang and Shandong province are the second and third, with 15,000 followers respectively.2021 eppo drone enterprise network heat we from the user list for eppo uav enterprise’s attention, is still that a few familiar with enterprise, the xinjiang agriculture there is no suspense, once again ranked first, pay attention to the number of 64000 people, it is also big in the third year of xinjiang agriculture in agricultural machinery lton-us annual white paper at the top of the list, a fly technology in second place,With 55,000 followers, Shenzhen Tianying Brothers ranked third with 3,933 followers.As can be seen from the list of products, eight products from DJI and Geofai are listed in the top ten products that attract attention.Among them, DJI T30 plant protection UAV won the first place with 33,000 people’s attention;Jefi P80 2021 agricultural UAV won the second place with 25,000 people’s attention;Dji’S T20 plant protection drone ranked third with 12,000 views.1. Dji T30 plant protection UAV’s new 16-nozzle layout brings fog drop settlement closer.Equipped with 8 groups of solenoid valves for independent frequency conversion control, turning can also be sprayed evenly.The horizontal opposed six cylinder double plunger pump design provides strong power for spraying, providing high flow rate up to 8 l/min.Equipped with a 30kg large medicine box, the spraying range is increased to 9m, the field spraying efficiency is 240 mu/hour, the efficiency is increased by 33.3%.The new spherical radar system can sense obstacles and surrounding environment in full environment, all-weather and full-view, without fear of dust and light intrusion.With automatic obstacle circumnavigation and ground – like flight functions, fully ensure the safety of operation.Jafei P80 2021 agricultural UAV, with a 40kg load capacity, is equipped with the new JAFEI SuperX 4 intelligent control system, combined with JAFei Rui Map, Rui spray, Rui seeding module, multi-directional radar matrix, in precision spraying, uniform seeding, intelligent mapping and other agricultural implementation links,To achieve a leapfrog breakthrough in operational efficiency, it can be said that precision agriculture is an omniscient generalist.Adopt double centrifugal disc and spiral variable feeding design to greatly improve the spread and spread more smoothly and evenly. Equipped with a 60-liter sowing box, it can spread 2.4 tons of fertilizer or 1.6 tons of rice seeds per hour to realize multi-scene sowing operation.3. Dji T20 plant protection UAV T20 will increase the maximum load to 20kg, and with a spraying width of 7 meters, the single operating efficiency will increase to 25 mu, and the operating efficiency per hour will increase to 180 mu;Standard RTK centimeter-level positioning function, so that fully autonomous precision operation daily;With eight nozzle design, 6 L/min large flow water pump and optimized wind field design, fog droplets can be uniform and dense and easily cover both sides of crop leaves.Equipped with omnidirectional digital radar, it can identify horizontal omnidirectional obstacles, and has the function of automatic obstacle circumnavigation and earth-like flight.The fuselage adopts modular design, which can be folded quickly, reducing space occupancy and facilitating transportation.Operation box and battery support quick plug and remove, shorten operation replenishment time.Core module protection class up to IP67, fuselage can be washed directly with water.Standard RTK high-precision positioning module, easy to achieve centimeter-level operation planning.The remote controller supports external battery, and the overall battery life is doubled compared with the previous generation, fully meeting the needs of long time and high intensity operation.To: