Winter training for Party members | Liuzhuang Town, Dafeng, Yancheng: Build “four classes” to enhance the quality and efficiency of winter training

2022-07-13 0 By

Since the launch of winter training this year, Liuzhuang town, Dafeng District, Yancheng City, make full use of all kinds of carriers and positions, innovative party members winter training work methods, rich winter training content, focus on creating the “four classroom”, so that the party’s innovative theory is more grounded, so that winter training activities more benefit the people’s livelihood, and constantly improve the quality of winter training work.Run online “micro classes” well.The town makes full use of the platform of “Learning Power”, the Party Construction of Yancheng and the wechat group of winter training for Party members of the town to create online “micro classroom” for winter training, and actively uses the power of “cloud” to promote learning by “connecting to the Internet”.Town organs young comrades take the initiative to “touch the net”, recording winter training theory, outstanding party members, charity culture and other videos, launched online theory classroom, convenient for the town party members to learn, expand the theory to preach the audience.Before and after the Spring Festival, Liuzhuang town has pushed two special learning courseware for winter training and organized two online activities.We will run offline “practice classes” well.Liuzhuang town makes full use of the town new era civilization practice, village living practice station as the basis, integration chuanchang river Party construction theme park, new rural community village history, party history exhibition hall and other resources, solid development of civilization practice activities.Around the theme of winter training, activating carrier construction, actively carry out a series of activities such as writing Spring Festival couplets to send blessings, epidemic prevention and control publicity, safety inspection, winter to send warmth, red search, really make winter training work more close to the ideological reality of grassroots party members, get through the “last kilometer” to serve the masses.Since the launch of the winter training work, the town’s party members have carried out all kinds of volunteer service activities 7 times, to participate in more than 300 party member volunteers.We will run classes for floating Party members.Liuzhuang town has a total of more than 170 floating party members, some of them engaged in freight outside, some in Shanghai, southern Jiangsu and other foreign companies work for employment.During the Spring Festival this year, some of the party members outside China could not come back due to the epidemic. The Party Committee of the town specially compiled and printed winter training learning and counseling materials for these floating Party members, formulated personalized winter training programs, and carried out local self-study, online joint learning and offline school delivery, so as to expand the coverage of winter training and increase the participation rate of party members.We will run literature and art classes well.To a whole town, follow villager homo habilis, opera lovers, retired teachers as the main body, set up more than 30 people’s cultural and artistic performance and the theory about “light cavalry”, stick to winter training project, rich in the town of actual theatrical and arranged to preach content, deep into the whole town 15 village (house), the unit circuit and preach, move the winter training class to the base line, expand the depth and breadth of winter training work,We will improve the effectiveness of winter training.Correspondent Yang Qifei xu Songyin proofread Li Haihui