Seven words quatesquates12 techniques and examples

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The quatrax should be a poem with no end of meaning. It only renders and Outlines the scene, never directly states the theme, and leaves the space of association to the reader.This is called the method of verve.First, the third sentence is the main, the first two sentences of this method or fu Chen, or xing, or discussion, in the third sentence with negative words.Cold rain Qin Night mooring ship, new rising water south lake.Wind not qinhuai Sea, lonely world five hundred years.Gaoyou rain park Yangzi bridge cock did not sing, outside the city of Guazhou sun Dongsheng.The storm is not afraid xijin ferry, a golden coke eyes Ming.Guazhou river crossing two (two) idle spring mud with clogs, Yan-bo hundred Quhou Tai.Chai Men trail less people, outside the wild flower chaos open.– Interview Ji Bozi Hermit Liu Smoke contains six generations of sorrow, filar silk fear to see ye City autumn.The merciless picture falls every time, the west wind is full of stones all night.Shen Langqian cliff autumn willow scenery Qingxi Shuimu most Tsinghua, Wang Xie Wuyi six generations kua.Unnai more find jiang total house, cold smoke has lost Duan Hou home.– Qinhuai Miscellaneous poems fourteen six that year to have a glow, the founding of the mountain wang.Don’t ask wanchunyuan old stories, vermilion grass has no great gongfang.– Qinhuai miscellaneous poems fourteen of the seven red jin double Swallow swept wave light, clip shore flying fine waves.North and south ships were not speaking, the sails were swept away on the river.The wind across the river three two leaky days did not put very clear, everywhere river village flute.Shui Yuan shan long listen to insufficient, bamboo Lang temple bamboo cock crowing.One of the first two bamboo river cuttlefish blowing waves floating, er Ya Tai wild wood autumn.Clear water danshan can not stay, don’t wuyou sail back.Jiang Xing Wang Wu you mountain mangshan waste xing, Song Home you sleep fish lamp.Feng xiang did not see Lin ‘an, the boundless day under the seven tombs.– Song Ling This method, the first two sentences say one thing, the third sentence to undertake a turning conjunction.Hushan bridge bank layer of pine, set off cold ancient temple red.But on the heavy building to see Deng Wei, Taihu west to the rain.Hu Shan Good win pavilion overlooking light blessing to rain resistance should not go to yee Linspring has done market, qiongzhi bi month resentment such as.Only a piece of qingxi water, still near the Southern River to live.No longer yellow shirt dance horse bed, more no fragments of lizhi basket.Only now ancient green mountains, left with the poet hanging sunset.Third, the third sentence of this method pretends to make assumptions or questions, the fourth sentence is answered.Wind and rain cliff mountain things are silent, the Forbidden City thin film since year after year.Who send hate danqing, leave with Holly cry cuckoo.– Hu Yukun song Mei picture cheng Yicang Xuan Zong Jade temple empty mountain, xiao Drum tower ship has not.What like Maoling Fenshui, autumn wind south yan tears stained clothes.– Rift Silk Lake mixed chant six songs of four Taihua zhongnan thousands of miles away, the west is nowhere not soul pin.Bestie if asked money bu, autumn wind across baqiao.The jiayang Post Road overlooking the river, cold rain drizzly to send late autumn.Who knows pretty stroke scene, Yang zhou wind bamboo dai kobresia.Two of the two before the river road has brushed deer head pass, wind and rain to stay unwilling to idle.Where pedestrians most sorrow, gurgling water pavilions.Luojiang Night rain mianyang eternal romantic, Yuliangzhou bank to the river village.What such as but as hong Ming good, take medicine together to deer door.Fall fengpo hanging Pang Shiyuan four, the first two sentences say today, the third sentence recall past, multi-purpose years, memory, remember and other words.Maple leaf depression water station empty, thousands of miles away from home with difficult.Ten years old Testament jiangnan dream, alone listen to cold mountain midnight clock.Night rain theme Hanshan Temple send west qiao Ritual Ji two first Erlian Mountain spray snow wave mammoth, patches by stream bamboo arrow.Recall yesterday injured spring in March twilight, the east door of the willow branches.Big wind across the river three three garden a tree green poplar, sleeping up dongfeng prevented to hang.See you in March, a flying flower like snow.One of the poplar branches ziyun wave around the Leitang area flow, so far the water blame Yangzhou.For years used to listen to Wu Niang song, dusk rain drizzly water pavilion head.White sand River head in spring, jiang Hua Jiang grass looking jagged.Pedestrians remember to swim, changbanqiao south old wine flag.It is raining in Yugang Mountain, and the mountain store is cold and more broken.Distant Memory of qingxi Willow bank, a new green river tide pole.Rain mountain home two first (one) Lu Shi in the past through the line, melancholy cangya ancient wood wind.Most recall late autumn waterfall, four mountain cold leaf turbulence.– Lu Shi Landscape xuan face like ship Windows, sand swallow 䴔䴖 as double.Suddenly recall the dream back to hear the girder drum, a soft lu broken smoke river.The last two sentences say the past, the third sentence is to point out the present, with today, today and other words, to see the sense of the past and the present.Yangzi autumn residual twilight rain, flute geese shadow blurred.Come again in March qingshan Road, a sail million willow.Looking at the river castle peak recall two first one Yu Yang in March without grass, guest think leave feeling helpless.This day huainan good weather, bluish white tail dip duck head wave.In the way of the flower, there is a feeling to send Chen Qinian one of the three baiboqing zhangren Ren Jing, remember jiangnan for five years.Today the long March old saddle horse, gu Pu Chunyu dream jiangtian.– Hu Yuanrun Painting Six years of Sui Embankment to send guests can be, the tree is like this I can.Rapture bridge meet again, a tree yiyi like Hannan.Zhao Beikou see autumn liu sense into two two and you five years yangzhou dream, thin horse Yin spring Zacia bridge.Late you state complex send, nine snow pressure plate carving.Send Chen Qinian yixing two one of the old news than what, wanli river’s lake age and in addition.The temple came first a smile, spring breeze shibi see jun book.– Retreat valley see Zhu Xi Chang Li Wu Zeng Pan geng CAI Zhutao inscription remaining water residual mountain only benefit sorrow, catalpa state waste no longer long state.Eye Ming salt Ting road today, ten miles goose Creek jasper flow.– Goose Creek Baqiao Yangliubi 毵毵, once sent recruiters to Hannan.Today the strip gaunt, tree like this I can not.– Ba Qiao Liu Zhao Wall solitary conversation, 牕 cold rain hit red banana.Surprised back to a pillow in the country garden dream, the body in xichuan Jinyan bridge.Six, the first two sentences directly endowed the eye prospect, the third sentence is good, clear, good to the author’s comments.Jianggan is fishing habitat, Liu Mo Ling Pond area sparse.Good is the day oblique wind set, half river mangrove sell perch.Forty thousand ravines thousand rock clouds, cao ‘e River outside a few peaks clear.Clear begging and firewood wind then, the body to shanyin road line.Yun Yun Qianyan Jing xiu chart Longshan Qingxue horseshoe long, mountain cuihu cloud 罨 painting incense.Good to flag pavilion cold jeonse wine, double girl low by small King qin.– To send my brother gift ji ‘nan one of the first two bamboo river green leisurely, also a stream of three rivers.Treasure Jiayang landscape color, to see off the guests under rongzhou.Bamboo gong Creek two two pretty cloud leakage shadow desolate, clip the bank depression mangrove low.Fortunately, emei half round moon, with people this night stay in Qingxi.Seven, one or two sentences on the topic straight up, also straight eye prospect, heart feelings, the third sentence to describe the personnel transfer, and the conclusion will be from the real back to the virtual, the so-called not a word to do romantic, with its charm also.Cui Yu Ming Dangshang peremptively, lake cloud temple tree bi in smoke.Pedestrian mooring at the beginning of the fall, outside the wild wind open white lotus.Lu Jin Temple again Wu Tou Chu Tail road, misty rain autumn deep dark white wave.Take advantage of the cold tide to cross the river in the evening, full forest yellow goose sound.Jiang Shangyu 牕 Qing Xiao Fu luo, lean on the bar more tsing everywhere.The crystal curtain reflects the shear wave in the day – setting mirror.The east wind as meaning blowing willows, green to the city of several Bridges.To fold a send phase memory, across the river residual flute rain is drizzling.- Send Chen Boji Jinling scanty and dense seedling needle rain, when to when to ship 趠 wind.May pedestrians Moling go, a river wind and rain day.Jinling road jiang Yu song several places heard, boat sunset rain in succession.Song gradually over unu go, ninety-nine peaks many white clouds.Ba song Chongqing singing total have, Changqing new poetry long do not hear.To visit dongpo but scratching the head, spray high involved in pretty clouds.Bai Gongdongpo can not be one of the first two dongpo East stream green into Yin, shi ji thought love deep.Would like to see the bamboo singing and dancing place, mulian flowers reflect water ringo.Dongpo not two two xiaoxiao cold rain crossing qingliu, bitter bamboo cloud Yin specially sorrow.Looking back at the Southern Tang scenery, countless green hills around Chuzhou.Clear stream Kansai even feng Pei walk central Plains, the wind rustling wild cross faint.Look at the lonely city day water, disorderly mountain together is peng door.– Jingshankou waiting to cross the next to look at the fourth sentence of the main.Eight, with the fourth sentence as the main, with negative words as the conclusion, but the third sentence also can not be ignored, with time adverbial or turning conjunction, causal conjunction and it has an echo.March Qinhuai new rise late, thousands of willows as silk.Poor as xichuan seed, not like spirit and temple when.The four tides fall qin Huai Spring after autumn, don’t worry about good stone city tour.To sorrow and spring tide full, do not believe the name of the lake is still mo sorrow.– Qinhuai miscellaneous poems fourteen of five new song fine word ice wan, small king with a smile.Thousands of years qinhuai SOB water, should not still hate the hole official.Qinhuai miscellaneous poems fourteen of the eight biography shou Qing song Sand tender xiao, red teeth purple jade night invited.Now the moon is as empty as water, not qingxi Changbanqiao.– Qinhuai miscellaneous poems fourteen of ten miles clear huai water blue, Banqiao inclined sun liu 毵毵.Habitat crow water empty bleak, no poetry ji male.140,000 mountains to see the pines, jingyan Youxi several heavy.For the sound of aiquan Lin, I do not know smoke temple far wenzhong.Huashan road in the matter twelve years ago when the first, banqiao a quliu thousand silk.Now it felt like a city of gold, not to see the youthful strip.Zhao Beikou see autumn liu sense into two one of the waves east hailingcang, moths have been separated.For three hundred years, Ling Gu has changed, and Ju Ren still says Zhang Wang.– The forty-ninth and the first and second sentences of six poems of Qin You are scenes, the third sentence echoes or does not echo, and the fourth sentence is a question.The former peach root, which stands on its former charm, is well known.That is to see the ferry flower empty hair, more who paddle to meet.Reeds without flowers long autumn water, light rain like xiaoxiang Clouds.Wild goose sound shook the boat far, where the castle peak is Yueyang.4. Fan Qi painting this year Mengdong River water dry, Wan Fu Bashooks river dry.River messengers under the yellow symbol, dare to road without snow and snow cold.– Qin You Song two (2) Jiang Xiang Spring is the most pity, cold food qingming to smoking ban.Remnants of the wind fairy palm road, who for hanging liu Tuntian.Five small peaches at the beginning of the red willow in the shade, flowers on the lake are deep.Crow head 15 bamboo branch song, do not listen to the song where to find.When mooring on the Jialing River, the shu drum stopped late at the beginning of the month.Has listened to the cold wave not sleep, who complained about the flute tortoise.Night mooring double flute wendi foot three thousand things have not, Sui dike scenery is still faint.Jade moth gold cocoon drift to do, who saw yanghua sunset fly.Suzhou East gate road yue Bian dike ancient Sui dike also for Sui dike qu huai ban by car dust, Mr.To actually clear the flow of the subjugation of the country, who is looking to cast check.Ten, the first three sentences are written today, and the fourth sentence comes down to the poet, recall the past, but not specifically say, its infinite romantic yun.This is different from the third sentence of Dharma 5.Sunset east pond is setting tide, lonely peng mooring is raining.Sparse bell night fire Hanshan Temple, demerit wu Feng several Bridges.Night rain hanshan Temple send west firewood gift ji two first one high new moon night leakage points, jujube curtain water sink fuming.Stone bridge alley all young, solution sing that year white practice skirt.14 miscellaneous poems of Qinhuai Eleven new fishing Croucher head contraction roach, Chuji yu kuai Red Xian.Wanshantan water as clear as yesterday, xiangyang Meng Haoran only memory.Eleven, the first three sentences are foil, the conclusion comes down to their own, strong and clean.Yangtze River such as lian cloth self in light, li Shan Lian Jianye City.Grass long warbler crow flowers trees, Jiang Cun wind qingming.Looking at the river castle peak two of the first two chisel Cui Liu Dan yao mist, silver tao snow waves nasty ripples.Cloth fan ten feet such as birds, lying to see the mountains on both sides of Jinling.One of the three strong winds across the river in March Xichun shooting pheasant City, pot Pond new water won.Ziyun singing spirit young pats, love endure cold sit to Ming.Huainan ancient smoke-free, red bridge untie the rain sunny.Drunkard scattered Yang Zhi don’t, said the flowers toward a disconsolate.- Flowers in the road to send Chen Qinian three three shen Lidong ancient Qian wei, mangrove cangteng bamboo sub-branch.Qingyi river riding road, one day rain hope emei.– Jiajiang Road in the first two twelve, twelve sentence contrast scene, three sentences more refer to the present situation, the conclusion has a finishing touch.Yesterday on Beijing Jiangbei solid building, dim wind day see Guazhou.Layers of far tree floating green camelina, leaf light sail from the gulls.One of the two guazhou river crossing cuihua lonely stop Chen swim, yuan tree sound qi blue water flow.A thousand leaves, the palace of lingbo in autumn.– Ye Xin leaves the palace Qiu Xiao lives in Zhuyu Bay complex bay, in March every year on maoshan.Baisha river to play flute, red mountain lake on the game god also.– One of maoshan’s Four fragrant songs, the old bird is surprised by the cold.All the way from the stream qianzhong waterfall, lonely peak a qing sound.Changle slope before dawn rain like dust, shaoling original tears stained towel.A thousand willows on both sides of the Baqiao River, sending everything to cross the water.- Baqiao send two red leaves moraine edge red leaves fly, yellow croaker fish fish fat.100 zhang lead river timid on the west, three bar welcome visitors to the east.1, Song on the beach, such as a shock ting, east beach, such as house.Glancing over the front hill, the partridge cried to the empty slab.– The new beach two first (Chushu zhulan first risk in the two gap between the two empty diads of bingshu) one of the bingshu Xiaokou stone cross flow, angry enemy jiangxin Wanhu boat.Ge of Shu and Wu worked together and set off to Xiling for cattle racing.– The first two new tan (Chu Shu zhutan first risk in the second gap between the blank brackets of the military script), no ji ren Yang Shuzi, more regret Doulianbo.Remnant monument tears palindrome jin, a pin sink can do.Xiangyang slogan holding section west poor wanliyuan, so far huanghu hate Wusun.Empty smell BMW Gutiandian, no sign of people into Yumen.– Wang Shizhen, “Bo Wang”