The $18.2 billion fine did not sober up Alibaba: it was ma’s choice to be exposed again

2022-07-14 0 By

Rookie ali again after the New Year in “alternative” storm, ali’s recent novice station sent around the webmaster “Spring Festival to return to work attention to remind, it requires that all cooperate and novice station site shall not use the third party warehouse receipt system, otherwise will be terminated the cooperation and rookie station within a year can’t again come,Again, this perverse practice led to popular protest.Cainiao site cainiao station and Ali are not an employment relationship, on the contrary, most cainiao station itself is engaged in supermarkets, laundry and other businesses, cainiao station is just a sideline for them.The site provides the site and labor costs, while the benefits are calculated on a per-piece basis. Therefore, the relationship between the site and Ali is only a cooperative relationship. What qualifications does Ali have to require the site not to access third-party software?Why did Ali choose this model at the beginning of building Cainiao?Ali can save a lot of labor and rent costs, which are ultimately borne by Cainiao itself. All Ali has to do is provide software support, and even the Courier service itself is responsible for all of them.Why does Sitong Yida Ali control the whole logistics system thoroughly?The reason lies in the huge traffic hidden behind the pickup code. Although Sitong and Yida are the actual express logistics providers, the pickup code is completely controlled by Ali. Each pickup can only be opened from a specific App, which is equivalent to controlling a traffic entrance.Whether it is advertising after opening the app, or every effective click, will eventually be translated into Revenue for Alibaba.If Courier information is so important, why did Sitong Yida put their lifeblood in the hands of Ali?The answer is simple: Alibaba still controls taobao, the largest e-commerce platform, and anyone who fails to submit information is excluded from alibaba’s system.In July 2017, SF Express was excluded from alibaba’s selection after refusing cainiao’s request to hand over its data.Whether it is alibaba’s control over logistics information, or its insistence that Cainiao not be allowed to access third-party systems, Alibaba is using its monopoly position in e-commerce to engage in unfair competition.Alibaba is reluctant to hire regular staff and rent office space, but it also requires novice sites not to access third-party software, so it wants to take all the benefits for itself. But is it fair for novice sites?I still remember that after being fined a record 18.2 billion yuan on April 10, 2021 for implementing “choose one” in the field of e-commerce, Alibaba immediately said that it would “further strengthen the construction of compliance system, based on innovation and development, and better fulfill social responsibilities”.But the reality is that Ali didn’t learn from his last choice. What’s scary is not making a mistake, but continuing to make it when you know it’s wrong.The data of cosmetics e-commerce in January 2022 have been released, and Alibaba’s performance can be said to be terrible — beauty cosmetics category fell 26.95%, skin care category fell 30.47%, and cosmetics category fell 19.63%. If Ali can take out the way to deal with the competition only “choose one”,Then it may be only one step away from defeat.There is a line in the Three-Body Problem that everyone is familiar with — weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to survival, arrogance is.Maybe it’s time for Alibaba to think about its real competitiveness beyond “choosing one or the other.”This article is first published by toutiao block frontier technology, please do not reprint without authorization