Today must be good, because tomorrow will be old

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Why do we always think tomorrow will be better than today?Why not cherish every today, always sacrifice today, for tomorrow.And tomorrow, again.Yu minhong said: “We should seize every opportunity to change our lives in order not to leave us with regrets.The only way to be free from regret and regret is to live today well and not let tomorrow grow old.We often have the feeling that there are so many new things in the world that we have missed them at the most appropriate age. As we get older, even if we have the chance, we can no longer enjoy them.Then watching others indulge in joy, the heart will inexplicably give birth to a trace of acid, an itch, a helpless, a regret.Like being 30 and seeing a little girl slip away in a princess dress you never owned.For example, at the age of 40, I watched high school students devote themselves to making beautiful posters for charity sales.At 50, watching young people call their friends to go to bars, dance and play video games all night.For example, at the age of 60, I watched the newlyweds travel overseas with dolls and took many warm and beautiful photos to declare and remember their love.You’re thinking: That’s great, but I’ve never experienced that.You know, all of these things are not impossible to try again, just, already out of time.As the author Li Moon told us about this story: “In primary school, I wore a princess dress to my classmates’ home.When her sister saw it, she was so envious that she chased me and asked me where she bought it, how much it cost and whether there was a large size. Then she begged her mother to buy one for her.Her mother frowned and said, how old are you? Can you wear this kind of clothes to go out?She said, “I’ve loved it since I was a kid. If you don’t buy it for me, I’ve always wanted a dress like this in my dreams.”Her mom said forget about that, but you can’t wear that anymore.I can’t forget the desperate look on her face.And yesterday, that despair appeared in my heart.– Last year I bought the floral shirt I always wanted but never got when I was a kid.When I bought it, I knew it was a girl’s style, but in view of my love, I couldn’t help but take it home.It has hung in my closet ever since, never once fulfilling its mission as a piece of clothing.Yesterday I was going to meet my best friend, and I thought I’d wear it anyway.But standing in front of the mirror with my shirt on, it was so weird I couldn’t bear to look at it.Finally he took it off and hung it up again.After hanging it up, I looked at it and I couldn’t explain how sad IT was.”So some wishes, if not realized then, will never be realized.In this world, there are always a lot of things can not retain, such as away time, such as withered emotions;There are always a lot of things hard to give up, such as chasing dreams, such as love in the heart;The only thing we can do in the face of the passing of time is to make a good day and not to be disturbed by regrets.Someone once said, when you are five years old, the world is a toy store, a dessert store, and an amusement park.To 25 years old, shopping malls, bars, movie theaters open doors, toyshop doors closed;At 55, the door of the teahouse, antique shop, chess and card room opens and the door of the bar closes.At the age of seventy-five, the doors of parks, hospitals and flower and bird markets are opened, and the other doors are almost closed.Many doors, if you don’t get in when they are open, you can’t get in when they are closed.”And that’s exactly what happens. If you miss the right age, you may never really get a chance to experience it again.When we were young, we cried and laughed and loved and hated, and when we were old in the future, we looked at the young people and loved them to death.And if not, eight achievements can not help but think, what kind of mood is it?There will be a little reluctance.Being unwilling and powerless is a terrible feeling.Time is the most ordinary, but also the most precious, money can not buy it, status can not keep it, everyone’s life is limited.And the greatest is time, for it is endless;The shortest is time, because it makes many people’s plans too late to complete;Time is slowest for those who wait.Time is quickest to them that are merry;It can be infinitely extended or divided;No one took it seriously at that time, and no one regretted it later;Without time, nothing can be done;Time can be all not worth remembering the people and things from people’s hearts, time can let all extraordinary people and things forever in history!So, at every age, get in the open door as much as you can.Wood heart once said: time and tide wait for no man, I have not spared time.The future is not welcome, the past is not love, every moment of the present is the only moment of life.What we have to do is: 1. Spend what you should spend, enjoy what you should enjoy, and donate what you should donate.Spend what you should, enjoy what you should, not spend it all on your children and grandchildren, but spend it on yourself and enjoy the beauty of life.2. There is no need to think too much about children and grandchildren. “Children and grandchildren have their own fortunes.We have reached a certain age, and the children have grown up and have families of their own, so let’s just stay out of it and trust that the children will have their own children.3. Go wherever you want and meet whoever you want.We never know which will come first, tomorrow or accident, so go see who you want to see, while everyone is still here.Travel wherever you want while you can.4. Live in the present, think of something pleasant every day, do something pleasant, find your own fun, can be happy every day.Good times, bad times, people should live in the present moment, learn to enjoy life, and be happy and happy every day for the rest of your life.5 no longer haggle over every ounce, no longer scowling, put down the put down, the smile smile, like a child free and easy away from the confusion.At our age, what we need to fix has already been fixed, and what we don’t have to fix, we can’t fix, so why not just let go and be happy today?Life doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be strong, have some money, have some leisure, and be safe.For the rest of my life, I will be happy and secure!Turgenev said: happiness has no tomorrow, no yesterday, it does not miss the past, nor yearn for the future, it only now.Tomorrow is a very definite but not very definite word, because there is a tomorrow after tomorrow.Live the present, live a good life.So, today must be good, because tomorrow will be older.