Analysis oneself fry strength and weakness

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Spring Festival holiday seriously reflect on their own stock market experience in these years, how to earn money, how to lose money, why can make money, why did not make money.The conclusion is that the current model will ultimately not make money, and it will probably not escape the fate of “money made by luck and lost by strength”.Review Mr. Zhang Juying’s “Slowly get Rich”, this book is really worth reading again and again read the good book, it will buffett, Munger, Graham thought essence are summed up, speak through, more combined with their own thinking and experience.Every time you read, you will gain.I have been able to recognize that my character is not suitable for the stock market, impatient, greedy.Of course, I also have many advantages, such as cognitive problems, strong learning ability, objective and fair.From the perspective of the four systems of Mr Zhang, the thought system problem is not big, I’m good at learning, can also distinguish between right and wrong, can listen to into the correct views of others, I believe in yourself in an after two failed three times, can accept the value investment, though my heart is to want to get rich, but people need to be able to correctly understand oneself, oneself was not the sight of one short line, can only go can go through the road.Stock selection system should be one of my strengths. In view of my correct cognition, strong learning ability and strong information acquisition ability, I can find many good investment targets.The valuation system, except for the margin of safety, is relatively vague in my opinion, so the problem of the margin of safety should be solved well. It is not a big problem here. Of course, we need to overcome greed and do not chase after the wind on the track.The holding system is what I need to improve the most. I have not owned more than half A year’s stock in A-shares, and I trade dozens of stocks every year, 99% of which are invalid or even negative transactions.After analyzing these, I think value investment is suitable for me.Pick it up and hold it.Choosing well is my strong point, holding is my weak point, I need to do is to fill the gap.Cut back on trading.Of course, the objective situation that the amount of their capital is not very large should be correctly understood, so their value investment route will be more growth party, in order to obtain greater returns.Under the premise of ensuring safety as far as possible, the target of selection should be selected with greater profit space as far as possible. Part of the position will be taken out to invest in companies with less certainty but higher odds.