Can heparin keep fetus to a few months commonly stop?Is the bleeding normal?

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Hello, everyone. I’m Dr. Zeng Hongbo from Guangzhou Leqisheng liu Xiangyuan Fetal Protection Team.There are many abortive pregnant women, pregnant again, usually need to play heparin fetal protection.So dozen liver element to protect foetus to be able to stop commonly a few months?I’m here to talk to you about heparin.Be pregnant dozen what does heparin have to use?After pregnancy, pregnant women beat heparin is mainly for anticoagulation.Some pregnant women have many abortive stop, abortion, biochemical pregnancy history, in order to protect the fetus, to prevent abortion again, need to play heparin.If the blood is in a high coagulation state, affecting the healthy development of the fetus, can also reach heparin anticoagulation.In addition, during pregnancy, there are gestational hypertension, placental abruption, amniotic fluid embolism and other problems, also need to use heparin to protect pregnancy.Dozen liver element to protect foetus a few months can stop commonly?Heparin is an anticoagulant, during pregnancy, heparin is generally seen in recurrent abortion, the examination results suggest the possibility of thromboembolism.After pregnancy, heparin is used to prevent intravascular thrombosis, improve the blood supply of endometrium, prevent endometrial microthrombosis, increase uterine blood supply, and reduce the risk of fetal arrest caused by thrombosis.At the same time, heparin can also regulate immune function, for autoimmune problems, lack of coagulation factors, decline or is caused by vascular damage threatened abortion, has the role of fetal protection.Play heparin fetal protection generally to 12 weeks or so, that is, three months after pregnancy can stop the drug, the drug to follow the doctor’s advice to take, do not take medicine and stop without authorization.Is it normal to hit liver element to protect fetal bleeding?Heparin fetal protection, most pregnant women will not bleed, there are a small number of pregnant women will bleed after heparin.Because heparin has anticoagulant effect, it can cause coagulation dysfunction in pregnant women, and cause bleeding.If there is a small amount of bleeding, the body is normal continue with heparin pregnancy preservation therapy.If the amount of bleeding is large, you should go to the hospital in time for examination, and then follow the doctor’s advice to examine the fetus to determine the next treatment plan.During the period of beating heparin to protect pregnancy, it is best to check the coagulation function regularly.If there’s no problem with clotting, heparin can continue.If there is a problem with clotting, heparin should be discontinued.Conclusion: To beat heparin fetal protection, generally to about 12 weeks.If bleeding is found, go to the hospital in time for examination and follow the doctor’s guidance to adjust medication.Finally, I wish everyone a smooth birth of a healthy baby.