Gu made it to the final and even ate a leek box

2022-07-17 0 By

After winning the gold medal in the freestyle big jump, Gu appeared again in the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle qualification on the morning of February 14.She was the first player of the game, committing two turnovers in the first round and scoring 57.28 points.She performed flawlessly under the pressure of the second round and finished with 79.38 points, placing third out of 27 contestants and advancing to the final.While waiting for the score, Gu Ailing also took out a cake and ate it on the spot.According to the reporter, Gu Ailing is eating leek box.Come on, sweet girl!Source: Longshi news broadcast editor, first review: Geng Yue review: Sun Hongshun supervisor: Dou Huasheng