Round 2 of the second half: Mrakala stopped, ruble advanced

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As the tournament continues at Indian Wells, let’s take a look at how the day has gone so far.Brik Murray faced his former Rotterdam opponent, the Kazakh, who lost three points in the opening set to win a tiebreak, then quickly dropped the second set to go down in the second round again.Murray, who won the 700th match of his career, will have to continue to accumulate victories elsewhere.Lublev 7-5/6-4 Copfiel The Russian was in a bit of trouble against the Germans but managed to escape with a break advantage to win two straight sets.Karatsev continued his poor form, coming home in the first two rounds of most tournaments this year.Is the secret weapon now thoroughly studied?At this rate, it won’t be too hard to fall out of the top 50.Mitzmanovic 6-7(7)/6-3/7-6(6) Cilic a familiar Match between Serbia and Croatia players.As an only child, Ketzmanovic saved a little face for his country, beating former Grand Slam champion Marin Cilic in two tiebreaks.Hurkac 6-3/3/6/6-3 Othurkac also played the full three sets as the German failed to break himself into the next round.Beretini beat Runeberetini 6-3/4 /6-4 and it wasn’t easy to get through as the Danish starlet gave him a strong push.Beretini’s serve was on the line at the crucial moment and he reached the third round for the second year in a row after beating his opponent.Harris 6-3/4/6/6-3 Bagniss The South African finally ended a seven-match losing streak on his tour and will face Beretini in the next round.Tiafoe 6-4/6-4 Brandon Central Island an American Derby ended with the big Black winning.Brandon Nakajima needs to strengthen further if he is to catch up with the likes of Alcalas and Koda.In another sibling Derby between the two serpers, it was the young Isner who got the better of Querrey, beating him in a tie-break.Schwarzman 5-7 6-3 6-3 Rusuvoli Shorty is in better form this year than last, but also took three sets to beat her opponent.Fritz 6-1 6-1 Marczak USA’s top contender Fritz is in good form and gives two churros to his opponent.Find out more