What is pokemon Fire restrained by

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In Pokemon, fire is restrained by water, ground, and rocks.Therefore, we can know that no matter in any version of Pokemon game, the game still follows the mechanism of attribute matching, so when playing Pokemon game, only when players master the attribute restraint can they beat their opponents better.In the pokemon game, there are a total of 18 attributes, which are: general, fire, water, grass, electricity, ice, worm, Flight, ground, Rock, Combat, super power, Ghost, poison, evil, steel, dragon, goblin.Among these attributes, there are advantages and disadvantages such as “restraint” and “being restrained”, “resistance” and “immunity”.In the game, the damage is doubled if the player uses the pokemon control attribute;But if you are resisted, the damage is low.In addition, if it is an invalid attack, it will do no damage.Therefore, we can see that in Pokemon, it is very important to make proper use of the ability to control each other between attributes.Pokemon is a series of console games developed by GAME FREAK and published by Nintendo. The pokemon IP has been featured in all generations of Nintendo consoles. Besides, we can also learn that Pokemon is the second best-selling video GAME series in the world, after Nintendo’s Super Mario series.So this is a world class IP.