Lifelong maintenance!The explorer trailblazer arrives for a limited time benefit

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New Year, new atmosphere, 2022 Spring Festival is coming.Every year, there are many people who go home to show off their cars. What kind of car to drive during the Spring Festival is a hot topic, and the lively atmosphere before the festival has made “Tiger tiger alive and powerful” the hot word of the Spring Festival in 2022.Relatively speaking, the tall posture, good vision, larger space and better performance through SUV models in recent years has become more and more popular with consumers.But there are many SUV models in the market, which one is more worthy of choice?Today xiaobian will give you a chat about the recent attention of a lot of net friends Chevrolet family double SUV: new explorers and pioneers.Generally speaking, the production cost and maintenance cost of SUV models are higher than cars.This is because SUVs need to face tougher road conditions and higher production requirements than sedans.As a result, the price of SUV on the market is generally higher than that of sedan, and the maintenance cost in the later stage is also testing consumers’ purchasing decisions.At the beginning of 2022, Chevrolet took the lead in launching the joint venture brand mainstream SUV lifelong maintenance activities, which can be said to make consumers applaud.From January 1 to February 28, 2022, the first Chevrolet owners in the Year of the Tiger will be entitled to free lifetime maintenance twice a year.In terms of appearance, both the new explorer and the pioneer belong to the American tough guy aesthetic, and the appearance of the atmosphere is durable.Different from the smooth appearance design of SUV models on the market, Pioneer is based on the prototype of the pioneer concept SUV FNR-Carry All, which has a pure American SUV tough shape with strong recognition and impact.Unique X type thunder front face, family style double grille modeling, huge smoked black honeycomb mesh, all permeated with tough SUV domineer.With amazing 21 “six Y shaped smoked black wheel hub, fully show off-road style, but also highlights the sporty temperament.For the new explorer, the front face adopts a split new double intake grille design, and the lower part adopts polygonal intake grille. The penetrating chrome trim cleverly divides the star wing split large lamp group into the upper and lower parts, the spread wing LED taillight, and the bilateral double vent vent tail pipe, erupting fierce emO anytime and anywhere.Slender body lines, outline a tough side profile, all show unruly off-road temperament.In terms of power, the new explorer is equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T power systems, with the manufacturer’s guiding price ranging from 169,900 to 239,900.The pioneer is equipped with the 8th generation 2.0T intelligent turbo variable cylinder engine +9AT transmission, with 237 super high horsepower and 350Nm super torque.And these two cars, new explorer belongs to medium-sized SUV, Pioneer belongs to medium and large SUV, and with their ultra high cost performance, as well as performance advantages, must be for your New Year “tiger Tiger”.Joint venture brand out of the mainstream SUV free lifetime maintenance, the industry is the first.Lifelong free maintenance cash value up to ten thousand yuan, but also from the owners of the daily car trouble, it is full of welfare!Take advantage of this wave of manufacturers New Year limited time benefits, heart better than action, don’t hurry to the local Chevrolet 4S shop to have a look!