Shenqiu County, Henan province, has set off a nationwide compulsory tree planting boom in 2022

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Spring to good scenery everywhere, tree-planting Tim green is the right time.On February 7, the first day of work after the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, a voluntary tree-planting activity was held in Shenqiu County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province.Nearly 10,000 cadres and the masses of the county unified time, clear division of labor, jointly planted a total of more than 140,000 seedlings, for the construction of “beautiful big garden, happy new Shen Qiu” replant green.Plant a hope, watering a dream.In shenqiu red gate wetland park, Baiji town Hetan administrative village, Xinan town Shaying river landscape belt and other obligations to plant trees at the main venue, Shenqiu county four team leaders and cadres and the masses, volunteers together with the shovel soil, fuzheng stepped on the ground, water pouring seedlings……Sweet-scented osmanthus, eucommia, tallow and Chinese maple trees are carefully planted.After a lot of hard work, a tree seedlings neat, wind upright, showing full of vitality.At the same time, 22 towns and townships (streets) also organized various kinds of voluntary tree-planting activities in their respective districts, in order to build “beautiful big gardens, happy new shenqiu”, setting off a nationwide voluntary tree-planting craze.”County party committee county government proposed ‘happy new Shen Qiu, beautiful big garden’, this is the county each unit, all levels of party organizations in the future struggle of the goal, is also the county of millions of people’s wishes.Today is the first day of work, the county party committee county government initiative all levels of cadres at all levels of obligation to plant trees, this is shenqiu weather blue, new air, the concrete embodiment of the earth green, the future of the county of all towns, county departments, around the county party committee put forward the ‘5+2+1, 3+2+1’ work task, to plan work, roll up sleeves to work.County deputies at all levels, to actively participate in the realization of the ‘happy new Shenqiu, beautiful big garden’ grand goal to work together.”Shenqiu County people’s Congress standing Committee deputy director Li Guangqi said.”The county party committee and the county government organize the broad masses of cadres and people throughout the county, implement the county, township and village three levels of synchronization, jointly carry out afforestation activities, fully reflects the county party committee and the county government attaches great importance to afforestation activities, is also an important measure to establish the construction of the ‘happy new Shen Qiu, beautiful big garden’ concept.”Shenqiu industrial concentration zone management committee, deputy director of the county government party member zhao-xia zhang said, “in the future work, we will combine Shen Qiu four seasons climate characteristics, overall consideration green plant varieties, and strive to build” green line continuously, the deep forest, the four seasons is spent ‘natural scenery, let more construction of ecological civilization achievements benefit the people.”Plant a piece of green, sharing the city spring.In recent years, Shenqiu County has always adhered to the development concept of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”. In accordance with the overall requirements of forest ecological construction in Henan province, shenqiu County has been striving to implement the project of “Three sides, four Modernizations and five Beauties” in succession with a blueprint drawn to the end, centering on the goal of building “beautiful big garden and happy New Shenqiu”.Craftsmanship to create green line, deep into the forest, the four seasons have flowers, distinct happy livable environment.The county a total of 2018-2021 completed municipal afforestation of 66800 Chinese acres, 29700 acres of forest tending, afforestation achievements in their work, we successively honored as national greening “, the national ecological civilization county, the province to improve rural living environment “, “advanced county of provincial forestry ecological county, and provincial garden county, the concept of” two mountains “in Shen Qiu vivid practice,A happy and beautiful garden suitable for living, working and traveling is rising quietly.(Shenqiu Network Information Center)